Clean Pacific

Koseq invites you to be informed about the Compact 502, an innovation in combating oil pollution.

The Compact 502 is a containerized all-in-one, mechanical, dynamic oil recovery solution and was shown during the Spill Response Group Holland On-Water Demonstration in the Port of Amsterdam assisted by the Dutch Coast Guard Rijkswaterstaat on 23 March 2015.

With more than 100 national and international highly interested professionals from 26 countries covering all continents, Koseq showcased the Compact 502 and the victory oil sweeper (VOS). The Victory Oil Sweeper have a dual function for oil recovery and with a possiblity for debris clean-up.

Compact 502 for quick preparedness and oil recovery

The 20ft ISO container comprises the Koseq compact rigid sweeping arm, a hydraulic marine knuckle boom crane, a diesel-driven hydraulic power pack and an operator console.

The compactness of the system enables the oil spill responder to transport the complete system to the vessel of opportunity (VOO) or a special dedicated vessel to start operations immediately. A safe, and easy to transport one-vessel solution which meets the increasing change of safety and spill response regimes demand. In addition, the awareness and care for the environment asks for quick, efficient response methods.


Our aim is to be continuously in touch with the market and our clients needs to develop more specific equipment. Koseq welcomes you in booth 215 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Canada.

Tom Achterberg, head of Koseq engineering, will inform you about the workings, possibilities and advantages of the patented Compact 502 and assist you in product advising during the Clean Pacific Exhibition.

For more information, please contact Koseq.