Compact 502

The quick oil spill recovery solution for users of the next-generation oil spill recovery technology.

The Dutch inventor of the rigid sweeping arm and manufacturer of oil spill recovery equipment, Koseq introduces the Compact 502. We invite you to go ‘live’ and join our demonstration in Vlaardingen on Tuesday 14 October at 1pm.

The ingenious all-in-one Compact 502 has been designed following the increasing demand for faster oil spill preparedness and actual recovery.

The Compact 502

The Compact 502 is the latest innovation from Koseq. It is a containerised, self-deploying oil spill recovery system that is built around the 5m-long compact rigid sweeping arm for quick intervention during oil spill recovery operations.

The 20ft container possesses among the compact rigid sweeping arm a hydraulic marine knuckle boom crane, a diesel-driven hydraulic power pack and an operator console. The compactness of the system enables the oil spill responder to transport the complete system to the vessel of opportunity (VOO) to start operations immediately.

Our aim is to be continuously in touch with the market and clients needs to develop more specific equipment.

For more information or to get the full programme, please contact Koseq.