Det-Tronics Optical Flame Detection, Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection, and Safety Systems

Det-Tronics provides flame detection, gas detection and hazard mitigation systems for manned and unmanned offshore drilling platforms around the world.

The company designs, manufactures and commissions SIL-2 capable fire and gas safety solutions to protect personnel, equipment and processes in settings where the risks and potential costs of fire are high.

Products include flame detectors, combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors and explosion-proof smoke detectors, as well as the certified Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Fire and Gas Safety Controller for integrated detection, notification and suppression control.

Flame detectors certified to global and offshore standards for your safety

Det-Tronics products carry performance and safety certifications from globally recognised third-party testing agencies and approval bodies. The X3301 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector is performance certified to FM 3260, EN 54 and VNIIPO to respond a wide range of fuel sources. It also carries DNV/MED Type approval for deck installation offshore and is NFPA 72 compliant. The optional Weather Shield minimises accumulation of condensation, rain and snow on the optics of X-series optical flame detector to reduce weather-induced fault conditions.

Combustible and toxic gas detectors with global certifications, safety awards

Combustible gas and toxic gas detectors from Det-Tronics use a variety of technologies to provide reliable fixed detection solutions that keep people and operations safe. Detectors measure gases via acoustic, infrared (point and line-of-sight), catalytic bead and electrochemical technologies.

Calibration and configuration can be done through a variety of displays and gas control panels.

For hydrocarbon gas detection, the PointWatch Eclipse® PIRECL IR detector carries life-safety performance approval to ATEX EN60079-29-1 as well as FM and CSA approvals. The fast-response version has been certified to FM, CSA, IECEx and ATEX requirements for detecting methane or butane in as little as 1.5 seconds.  PIRECL Eclipse detectors are constructed of rugged IP66/67 stainless steel construction and certified SIL-2 capable.

The FlexSight™ LS2000 line-of-sight IR gas detector provides continuous monitoring of combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations between two points with infrared technology while enduring harsh environments. Units are globally certified with SIL, FM, CSA,  ATEX, IECEx, CE, DNV and other approvals.

The FlexSonic® Acoustic Gas Leak Detector provides instantaneous response to pressurised gas, detecting leaks without gas contact. Performance is unaffected by wind direction or leak location, and a patented “learn function” customises detection to ignore ultrasonic false alarm sources.

Det-Tronics line-of-sight and acoustic gas detection products are both exida safety award winners.

The GT3000 Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector is designed with sensors to detect each of these toxic gases: hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, chlorine or sulfur dioxide. The unit is certified SIL- 2 capable and has been third-party-tested to the IP66 rating.

System controller integrates detection, notification and suppression with ease

The Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Fire and Gas Safety Controller is an addressable-loop, fault-tolerant safety controller. Compliant to NFPA 72 per FM Approvals, the controller supports Det-Tronics flame and gas detectors as well as third-party devices.

The controller is certified for annunciation and releasing, and it has the capability to communicate with process control and communication systems. The EQP is hazardous-location rated by FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx, is FM performance approved, and CE marked. The result is a fire- and gas-safety controller that can incorporate smoke detection, flame detection, and combustible and toxic gas detection, as well as other detection technologies for high-risk applications into a single safety system.

About Det-Tronics

A global leader in flame and gas detection technology and hazard mitigation systems since 1973, Det-Tronics products and systems currently protect drilling platforms and other special hazard environments from the North Sea to South America to Southeast Asia, often in remote locations and extreme environments.

Det-Tronics offices worldwide provide expert local assistance at every project phase, from oil and gas project definition to commissioning to post-sales support. Customer service is available through a global network of highly trained service personnel. Det-Tronics is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corporation.

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Press Release

Det-Tronics Introduces Addressable Smoke and Heat Detection for Non-Hazardous Areas

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) has introduced its addressable smoke and heat (ASH) module. The ASH module is an interface device that manages inputs/outputs between the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) safety system and devices in non-hazardous areas, such as living quarters and contr

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Selecting Fire and Gas Detectors for Extreme Environments

Today’s advanced fire and gas detectors and system controllers include special features for safe and effective operation in harsh and remote environments.

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Press Release

7 January 2016

Explosion-proof rating, 0-20mA and relay outputs and IP44 ingress protection provide hazardous sites greater safety.

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18 December 2015

FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector selected for ability to improve safety and application of IEC 61508 standard.

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21 October 2015

Increased field-of-view, identification for more fuel types, longer range provide hazardous sites greater safety.

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3 May 2015

Technology advancements provide enhanced protection, reduce lifecycle costs.

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12 October 2014

Eagle Quantum Premier integration options expanded in the SIL 2-compliant and hazardous location-certified controller.

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9 October 2012

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics®), a world leader in industrial flame detection, gas detection and hazard mitigation systems, is now a member in the FDT Group, an open, independent, not-for-profit association of international companies dedicated to establishing an international standard with broad acceptance in the automation industry, and has launched device-type manager (DTM) files for its flagship flame and gas detection products.

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10 January 2012

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics), a world leader in industrial fire detection, gas detection and hazard mitigation systems, has announced that its Nanotechnology Metal Oxide Semiconductor hydrogen sulfide gas (NTMOS H2S) detector has earned approval for use in locations that require an ingress protection rating of IP66/67, ideal for petrochemical, oil and gas applications.

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17 May 2011

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) has introduced its addressable smoke and heat (ASH) module. The ASH module is an interface device that manages inputs/outputs between the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) safety system and devices in non-hazardous areas, such as living quarters and contr

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9 August 2010

Detector Electronics Corporation's (Det-Tronics) GT3000 toxic gas detectors have received ATEX hazardous location and performance certification. In addition, GT3000 toxic gas detectors are FM, CSA, CE, and IECEx certified and have earned the IP66 rating. The GT3000 family is a group of

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28 April 2010

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) is pleased to announce the launch of its new nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor (NTMOS) H2S gas sensor, which provides the highest performance and reliability in challenging environments. The NTMOS H2S ga

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25 January 2010

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) has announced that its Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) system has received type approval from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and from Lloyd's Register. Approval by the US Coast Guard is required for flame and gas detection systems, includ

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25 August 2009

Minneapolis, MN - Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) today announced flame detectors and gas detectors that use the HART communication protocol. The announcement came as Det-Tronics added HART functionality to its X9800, X2200, and X5200 flame detectors. The HART protocol permi

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5 August 2009

Minneapolis, MN - Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) today announced the release of the GT3000 toxic gas detector family – a group of electrochemical fixed-point detectors that provide non-intrusive calibration, communication via 4-20mA and HART protocol, the ability to swap se

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21 April 2009

Minneapolis, MN - Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) has announced enhancements to its xWatch® camera and surveillance system. Options include viewing hazards over an internet connection and recording activities before, during, and after hazardous events. The new opt

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7 December 2008

Minneapolis, MN - Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) today announced the release of its FlexVu Model UD10 universal display, a life-safety display unit that provides non-intrusive calibration, local event logging, and third-party performance certifications. This displ

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20 October 2008

Minneapolis, MN Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) today announced it has developed an NTMOS hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas sensor that detects low H2S gas concentrations in 5s or less while tolerating harsh environments that experience extreme temperature and/or humidity condition

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18 August 2008

Users gain real-time application knowledge for flame/gas detection and safety systems. Minneapolis, MN (August 19, 2008) — Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) today announced the launch of a new RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed that will deliver to subscribers’ PCs practical safety

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3 January 2008

System supervises one or more flame and gas detection systems locally or remotely as defined by NFPA72. Det-Tronics Corporation (Detector Electronics) today announced that it has received FM approval on its Proprietary Supervising Station System, defined in NFPA 72 2002, for use

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8 August 2007

Det-Tronics receives certification from exida and TüV Nord Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) today announced the release of a fire and gas detection system certified for applications to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL-2) by the globally-recognized certification ag

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30 November 2006

Detector Electronics Debuts xWatch™ for Fire Detection and Visual Assessment MINNEAPOLIS - November 30, 2006 - Detector Electronics announced today the debut of xWatch™, a video surveillance system that provides high-resolution monitoring from within Det-Tronics®

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15 July 2003

Minneapolis, MN. The new Det-Tronics Eclipse OPECL open path gas detection system delivers reliable infrared combustible gas detection for protection of oil/gas and other industrial facilities, optimized for low maintenance, low cost and exceptional performance in challenging environmental conditio

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