Global Solutions provides a range of specialist services and technology, including fire protection and insulation and chemical solutions. The company employs in-depth local knowledge to provide cost-effective global services to all industry sectors. Its high-quality products and tailored approach mean that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fire-resistant design and engineering

Global Solutions has partnered with Petrellus to offer a seamless engineering design service, including fire protection application design and quantified risk assessment (QRA). The companies work on all stages of a project up to installation; from design and engineering to specification, material selection and procurement of the systems. Their engineers have experience in the management of maintenance contracts, allowing for the evaluation of material performance in the field, facilitating a closed-loop design process.

Global Solutions has provided fire protection expertise and services for over 100 installations worldwide as well as key onshore petrochemical sites, with projects taking place in such diverse regions and climates as Canada, Russia, South America, the Middle East and Asia. The company has formulated an approach that analyses a project’s key elements based on the individual needs and requirements of the client. For the best results, Global Solutions should always be brought in at the QRA stage of a project.

Progressive collapse analysis

Global Solutions can use the computer programme Usfos to conduct a progressive collapse analysis of structures to monitor deformation and stress during simulated accidents. The analysis will determine the residual strength of the structure beyond first yield and its ultimate strength against events such as ship impacts and fire. A more tailored engineering design solution can then be offered.

Global Solutions uses computer programme Usfos to conduct progressive collapse analyses of structures, monitoring deformation and stress during simulated accidents.
A double valve jacket installed in an area with a space restriction.
A passive fire protection and insulation jacket.
Passive fire protection installed on a vessel.
Flange belt protector.
GRP flange cover.

Fire protection and insulation

Global Solution’s fire protection and insulation team was established to provide comprehensive engineered solutions to fire and blast hazards and thermal and acoustic insulation requirements. The company offers a wide range of fire protection and insulation systems, and is regularly involved in the design, manufacture and testing of new systems on behalf of raw material manufacturers and clients.

By conducting a fire blast study, Global Solutions can assess the areas that would be affected in the event of an explosion or fire. The company can then provide a full list of equipment and areas that require protection. Global Solutions will then carry out passive fire protection (PFP) optimisation, evaluating the work needed to fire proof the specific structures and equipment. Through this systematic approach, the areas requiring PFP can be dramatically reduced, bringing down associated costs.

Following the identification of performance standards required to achieve fire protection for a project, the materials or system required to meet the criteria must be selected. Global Solutions has listed the advantages and disadvantages of each material type used for construction, evaluating installation, longevity, cost, durability and many other variables. Materials can then be procured as required.

Thermal and acoustic products

Global Solutions provides prefabricated and bespoke thermal and acoustic jacketing systems. These include cryogenic, cold, dual-temperature, ambient and hot thermal insulation materials and systems. Bespoke systems can be designed to perform in a range of environments and operating temperatures, from -110°C to over 300°C.

Environmentally friendly chemical solutions

Global Solutions provides a range of chemical solutions for the oil and gas industry, including advanced environmentally friendly water-based systems. Many products exceed current and forthcoming regulations, and the range is frequently updated to meet an ever-changing regulatory environment. The company operates in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Australasia and the US, offering technical support, contract manufacturing and joint product development.

The company has extensive experience providing solutions in the following typical problem areas:

  • Carbonate, sulphate and sulphide scale dissolution
  • Corrosion conversion, dissolution and prevention
  • Wax, tar and asphaltene dissolution
  • Wellbore clean-up
  • Deluge system cleaning
  • Grey, black and closed drain treatments
  • Potable water system decontamination
  • Tank cleaning and waste treatment

Chemicals for drilling products

Global Solutions offers a wide range of speciality drilling fluid additives for both oil and water-based systems, as well as acid stimulation and cementing products. These can be custom blended to client specifications at the Global Solutions manufacturing facility. The products include:

  • Oil-based mud additives
  • Water-based mud additives
  • Pipeline hydro test products

Production chemicals

Global Solutions has within its portfolio a comprehensive range of production chemical intermediates, including demulsifier bases, PPD bases, corrosion and scale inhibitor bases, biocides and hydrogen sulphide scavengers that can be formulated and blended to field strength locally.

  • Cementing products
  • Acid simulation products
  • Wellbore clean-up products

Facility clean-up

The day to day maintenance of a facility requires the use of effective cleaning materials that are not detrimental to your facility or the environment. A range of cleaning products, including a number of health and hygiene solutions, is available from Global Solutions.