Net Safety Monitoring, an innovator in the design, development and manufacture of fixed toxic and combustible gas detectors and flame detection solutions, today announced the extension of its warranty on the Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector to a market-leading seven years as well as a five-year warranty on Millennium II Series gas sensors.

“As an industry leader in gas and flame detection products, Net Safety is dedicated to providing top-tier products,” said Marlene Coffey, president of Net Safety Monitoring. “The extension of the warranties on the Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector and the Millennium II Series gas sensors is a testament to Net Safety’s commitment to its customers and the quality of our products.”

The warranty guarantees that the products function for the entirety of the seven-year period for the Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector and the five-year period on all Millennium II catalytic bead and infrared gas sensors. Net Safety will replace any product that malfunctions under warranty from normal use, excluding situations in which the unit was subject to misuse, abuse or non-Net Safety Monitoring-authorised modifications.