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Flame Detection, Gas Detectors, Smoke and Oil Mist Monitoring, and Safety Systems

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Net Safety Monitoring is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of fixed toxic and combustible gas detectors, flame detectors, smoke and oil mist detectors, ultrasonic gas leak detection, safety systems, as well as many ancillary safety and security products. Net Safety has built a reputation for developing premium quality products that are engineered for continuous performance, even a the most extreme environments, at a cost that is highly competitive.

Explosion-proof flame detectors

Net Safety’s Phoenix Triple IR flame detector provides the reliable and instantaneous flame detection response that is required in high-risk environments, while utilizing advanced technologies to reduce false alarm events and provide rock-solid performance in any environment. Its features include the following:

  • No reflector – no other detector on the market can offer this advanced technology; greatly reduces faults and maintenance especially in marine applications where salt, heavy rain and snow are constantly present, conditions which can create serious performance issues with some detectors
  • Proprietary automatic digital zoom (ADZ) technology – eliminates false alarms while maximizing detection
  • Lowest power consumption available on the market
  • Industry-leading seven-year warranty
  • Ultra-fast response times at all sensitivity settings
  • 90º field of view with extended detection ranges
  • Three infrared sensors precisely tuned to identify flame source radiation
  • User programmable sensitivity and time delay setting
  • Operating range of -50°C to +85°C (-58°F to +185°F)
  • Worldwide certification for hazardous locations

Also available: UV flame detectors, UV/IR flame detectors and hydrogen flame detectors.

Explosion-proof multi and single-channel fixed gas detectors with a full range of toxic and combustible detectors

Innovative multi-channel controller technology and state-of-the-art SMART (self monitoring analysis and reporting technology) sensors makes the Millennium II Series of gas detectors exceptionally versatile. The dual channel option allows additional coverage with a single transmitter and mix and match all sensor types. With the Millennium II BASIC option you have a simplified transmitter solution that’s compatible with our entire range of SMART sensors.

Net Safety’s Phoenix Triple IR flame detector is a superior and affordable, multi-spectrum IR flame detector.
The Millennium II single or multi channel ‘SMART’ gas detector is Net Safety's next generation detector.
Net Safety's smoke and oil mist detector (APM) is an advanced infrared detector designed specifically for hazardous locations.
Net Safety's ultrasonic gas leak detector provides a wide area coverage from all gas leak types in any environmental conditions with no calibration ever required.
Net Safety’s FlameWatch flame detector/video combination is a multi-spectral flame detector and an explosion-proof video camera.

Sensors are easily interchanged, with NE-MOS solid state, electrochemical, infrared and catalytic bead sensors. The Millennium II transmitters automatically recognize any connected pre-calibrated sensor maintain an uninterrupted digital signal, allowing long distance separation with leading response times including one of the fastest response times with the lowest power consumption available.

Features of the Millennium II include the following:

  • Engineered for extreme conditions – operating range from -55°C to +85°C
  • Sensors are pre-calibrated and easily connect to the transmitter, which instantly recognizes a newly fitted sensor
  • Advanced sensor designs – all of our sensors are field-proven and engineered to be fast, stable and reliable
  • Next generation nano-enhanced MOS solid-state sensors do not ‘fall asleep’ and are stable and reliable
  • Proprietary SensorGuard technology greatly prolongs our catalytic bead sensor life, resists poisoning
  • Dual beam infrared sensor technology with no ‘mirrors’ to become contaminated or misaligned
  • A full range of electrochemical toxic gas sensors
  • Lowest power consumption available on the market – greater stability, flexibility, and cost savings
  • Worldwide certifications for hazardous locations
  • Market-leading warranties
  • Bright OLED display – the only detector on the market with low power, full graphic OLED display, which is easy to read in all ambient lighting conditions
  • English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, full text menu instructions make the installation, operation and calibration simple – no manual necessary

Explosion-proof smoke and oil mist detection

Net Safety’s Millennium Series smoke and oil mist detector (airborne particle monitor – APM) is an explosion-proof, infrared detector designed to monitor ambient air for particulate matter such as smoke, oil mist, carbon, dust or ash. The only detector of it’s kind that is certified explosion proof Class 1, Division 1 – ideally suited for any high-risk application. The sensor is not affected by air velocity and has field adjustable sensitivity and zero levels. Proven applications include duct monitoring, turbine enclosures, battery rooms, engine rooms, compressor stations, high pressure hydraulic line monitoring, and HVAC air intake points to name just a few.

Ultrasonic gas leak detection

The Banshee343 is an advanced gas leak detection system utilizing four ultra-sensitive acoustic sensors, which constantly monitor wide areas for ultrasound generated from the release of pressurized gas. Ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detection technology has several advantages over conventional gas sensor technologies: it does not have to wait until a gas concentration has accumulated to potentially dangerous concentrations, it does not require a gas cloud to drift into contact with a sensor, and the response is instantaneous for all gas types.

The Banshee343 detects deadly gas leaks at the speed of sound without being affected by inclement weather, wind direction, leak direction or any potential gas dilution.

Net Safety has office locations in Canada, UAE, the US, China and Singapore, which are supported by our global distribution and service network.

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