The Millennium II Gas Detector from Net Safety Monitoring is now available, perfect for any industrial application where a hazard is created towards plant or personnel by a potential accumulation of combustible and/or toxic gases.

With its innovative multi-channel controller technology and state-of-the-art “smart” sensors, the Millennium II is exceptionally versatile. There is no longer the need to purchase additional gas-specific detectors, with two sensor connections to a single Millennium II transmitter available to detect the same or different gases.

Sensors can be changed easily for different gas types and ranges, with infrared, solid state digital, electro-chemical and catalytic bead smart sensor compatibility. The Millennium II also offers industry-leading response times, including the fastest response time in the market today for detecting H2S.

The Millennium II maintains a uninterrupted digital signal between pre-calibrated sensors and the transmitter, from up to 2,000ft away. Constant communication is possible due to Net Safety utilising the latest technological advancements in nano-enhanced solid-state metal oxide sensors, eliminating any danger of the sensors “falling asleep”. It can communicate seamlessly with external safety equipment, whether through analogue, relay, Modbus RS485 or Hart output configurations.

The housing design offers easy access to the controller where the intuitive menu options, time and date stamp event logging, non-intrusive calibration and power switch can all be accessed through the innovative OLED graphic display. This OLED display is completely unique in the market, providing read-outs that are visible in darkness or bright sun, blistering heat or at temperatures as low as -55°C. All this amounts to a detector that stands alone in its simple installation, calibration and day-to-day operation.

The Millennium II is available in a stainless steel or aluminium, FM, CSA and ATEX explosion-proof certified housing, drawing minimal power and working across a wide power range, from 10.5Vdc to 32Vdc.

Finally, a gas detector engineered from the ground-up to withstand extreme conditions that also includes all the features managers and operators in the field demand.