Net Safety Monitoring has extended its advanced flame and gas detection product portfolio with the release of our Banshee343 ultrasonic gas leak detector. The product is designed to provide reliable, wide-area gas detection (toxic and/or combustible) coverage in any hazardous-area application where pressurized gas is present – regardless of the environmental conditions.

Ultrasonic gas leak detection has been proven-in-use for over a decade, originally pioneered by Shell in North Sea oil platform applications. Today the technology is commonly utilized together with traditional fixed detection technologies as a ‘first-line’ of defense against dangerous gas leak situations in oil and gas installations.

Ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detection technology offers several unique performance considerations: it does not have to wait until a gas concentration has accumulated to potentially dangerous concentrations, it offers a wide area of coverage, it does not require a gas cloud to eventually make physical contact with a sensor, and the response is instantaneous for all gas types.

The Banshee343 ultrasonic gas leak detector only triggers an alarm when inaudible ultrasound is detected (between 25kHz – 100kHz) — which is only produced with the release of highly pressurized gas. This makes for extremely reliable and efficient performance by the detection system as there is no poisoning of sensors, it never requires field calibration, and all background noises are effectively filtered. And the available analog, relay, or Modbus outputs can communicate directly with any existing plant control system (DCS, PL/PLC, Fire&Gas panel, or SCADA).

The Banshee343 also offers several distinct advantages over competitive ultrasonic gas leak detection solutions: factory-tuned sensors are calibrated for life, four piezoelectric sensor heads are sealed in a virtually indestructible ceramic housing and have no moving parts like a traditional microphone design, a wider and more reliable coverage area (four independent sensor heads – approx 40m radius), the widest operational temperature range in the market (the lowest AND highest temperature ratings available), and the SonicCal Diagnostic system which automatically cleans the sensor head and gives a ‘true’ ultrasonic broadband self-test every 15min to confirm continuous operation.

The Banshee343 detects deadly gas leaks at the speed of sound without being affected by inclement weather, wind direction, leak direction or any potential gas dilution. When utilized together with Net Safety innovative point gas detection, our advanced optical flame and smoke/oil mist detection, a complete and comprehensive safety system is ensured for your plant and personnel.