Spectrex SafEye 700 Series open path gas detectors (OPGDs) were selected by BP to protect its hydrocarbon storage GDH facility at Fronting, near Montpelier in France.

This storage area is the largest area in France for the storage of fuel oils and propane. The area is being protected by SafEye 700 Series OPGDs, which detect C2 to C8, including heated optics, to withstand severe environmental conditions, such as icing, snow and condensation.

The SafEye Flash Source systems offer well-proven technology for fast detection of combustible gases and vapors over a ‘line of sight’ up to 460ft (140m)-long and are built for reliability and continued operation under extreme environmental conditions. Flash Type IR OPGDs integrate the well-proven, superior Xenon Flash technology.

SafEye has very high immunity to false alarms caused by partial blockage, extreme weather conditions (fog, rain and snow) and direct or reflected sunlight, flame and other black body radiation sources. The SafEye 700 has a data port to allow easy access for maintenance or configuration changes.

Spectrex is a world-leader in the flame and OPGD field. We are fully committed to enhancing the safety of your employees, capital investments and the environment. The first to launch major innovations that have become trade standards, such as the first UV/IR and IR3 flame detector designs, Spectrex continues to offer more than 40 different flame detector designs to meet application challenges from offshore to mall floors, from Alaska to Malaysia. Spectrex was first to incorporate the Xenon Flash in OPGDs to solve false-alarm issues common in the industry. Today, more than 28 major OPGD designs are offered by Spectrex for continuous hydrocarbon and toxic gas monitoring.