Spectrex is a world leader in optical flame and combustible gas detection, with over 30 years of experience in providing solutions for the protection of high-risk offshore oil and gas installations, from platforms, rigs, FPSOs and pipelines to onshore oil and gas and petrochemical sites.

Optical flame detectors

SharpEye 40/40 series flame detectors offer unmatched performance and reliability – including patented, triple IR (IR3) multispectrum detectors that enable detection of small fires at distances up to 65m (215ft), with enhanced immunity to false alarms. These highly specified detectors operate reliably in the harshest conditions

The compact and lightweight design offers low-power consumption with a heated lens for continued availability in difficult environments, as well as the reassurance of many third party approvals:

  • Performance – FM 3260 and EN54-10
  • Reliability – IEC 61508 – SIL2 (TUV) certification
  • Hazardous area Ex – ATEX, IECEx, FM/FMC, GOST R and GOST K for Zone 1 / 21

As a result, the warranty period is extended to a full five years.

SharpEye 40/40I multispectrum IR flame detector.
SharpEye 40/40M hydrogen flame detector.
SharpEye 20/20MI Mini IR3 Zone 0 flame detector.
SafEye Quasar 900 Series open-path combustible gas detector.
SafEye 300 air duct open-path gas detector.
SharpEye flame simulator/tester, up to 9m in Ex areas.

The detectors incorporate integral automatic self-test to ensure continued correct operation. Interface options include 0-20mA (stepped), HART, dry relay contacts and RS-485 ModBus.

The detectors will operate reliably in temperatures from -55ºC to +75ºC (with an option for +85ºC), allowing their use anywhere in the world.

The SharpEye 40/40I flame detector uses the well-proven IR3 technique, thus offering the highest immunity to false alarms combined with a massive 65m (215ft) detection distance for hydrocarbon fires.

Detection of gas flames, including hydrogen

Another major feature is the improved response to gas flames (methane, LNG, LPG, etc.) where small gas flames can be detected at distances of up to 30m (100ft). An important addition is the 40/40M multi IR detector, which can simultaneously detect ‘invisible’ hydrogen flames at 30m (100ft) and hydrocarbon fires at 65m (215ft).

The 40/40 series flame detectors comprise many detection techniques to suit every situation including IR3, multi IR, combined UV / IR, single IR or UV. Thus, Spectrex can offer unbiased advice on which detector is the correct solution to your detection needs.

Zone 0 flame detection

The SharpEye 20/20MI IR3 flame detector can be used in Zone 0 hazardous areas. Combined with zener barriers in the safe area, this compact detector offers all the benefits of IR3 technology in a small package for detection in the most hazardous areas. It offers a detection range up to 40m (132ft) with stepped mA and RS485 output options.

Open-path combustible gas detectors

The latest SafEye Quasar 900 series of open-path combustible gas detectors includes four models allowing installed detection distances from 4m (13ft) up to 200m (660ft).

The compact and lightweight design offers low power consumption with a heated lens for continued availability in difficult environments, and an operating temperature range of -55ºC to +65ºC (-67ºF to +149ºF). Output options include 0-20mA, HART and RS485 Modbus.

Standard measuring range is 0-5 LEL.m for C1 to C8 hydrocarbons.

We also offer the reassurance of many third party approvals for the Quasar 900:

  • Performance – FM 6325 and EN60079-29-4
  • Reliability – IEC 61508 – SIL2 (TUV)
  • Hazardous Area EX – ATEX, IECEx, FM, GOST R and GOST K for Zone 1 / 21

Air / turbine intake ducts

The duct open-path gas detector provides very fast response detection of ingress and build up of dangerous flammable gas concentrations in turbine air intakes, HVAC air ducts and in various ventilation ducts on offshore oilrigs and FPSOs. The system withstands harsh environmental conditions (extreme temperatures and high airflow), requires simple installation, alignment and calibration, with no need for periodical calibration or special maintenance.

The SafEye 300 duct-mounted open-path detector proves an excellent solution for duct widths from just 0.6m up to 15m (2ft-50ft) with a high-speed response of just two seconds. Ranges from 0-2.5 LEL.m or 0-1 LEL.m. The detector is Ex approved, meets SIL2 requirements and includes HART capability.