SharpEye 20/20MI flame detectors have recently been installed to protect dome type naphtha storage tanks.

While regular hydrocarbon fuels don’t pose any problems for flame detectors when stored in dome tanks, naphtha can present a serious problem with any apparatus that doesn’t contain naphtha resistant gaskets and O-rings, since naphtha affects these gaskets and O-rings causing the flame detectors to malfunction.

The SharpEye 20/20MI-C is an intrinsically safe, zone 0, ATEX EExia Triple IR flame detector specifically for applications where naptha is being stored, using Vitton, fluorocarbon FKM O-rings and gaskets, overcoming this problem.

It is an economical and compact Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector with the highest immunity to false alarms, in a rugged stainless-steel housing.

For more information, please contact Spectrex.