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HVAC Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Halton Marine develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality HVAC systems specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. The company’s main products include, but are not limited to, H0 (120) fire dampers, A0 (60) fire and gas dampers, non-return dampers, pressure-relief dampers, flow-control dampers and blast valves.

Other HVAC systems include intelligent cabin ventilation systems and galley-water wash hoods, including UV-light technology. The company also manufactures a wide range of airflow management and air distribution products.

Smoke-tight fire dampers

Safety is the most important factor in extreme working conditions, where a fire could put people’s life at risk unless necessary precautions are taken. Therefore it is essential that the equipment chosen to prevent fire progression within a ventilation ductwork is top-class.

Smoke and other toxic gases can be more dangerous than the fire itself, so it is important that the fire dampers also prevent smoke from spreading. Halton is a leading manufacturer of smoke-tight fire dampers.

Halton Marine's HVAC products for the oil and gas industry.
Halton is a leading manufacturer of smoke-tight fire dampers.
The company provides a range of blast valves and blast dampers.
The Halton Marine cabin ventilation air-conditioning system is specifically designed for cabins and indoor spaces.
The rectangular diffuser is compatible with Halton Marine's cabin ventilation air-conditioning system.

Halton offers:

  • H0 (H120)-class fire dampers
  • A0 (A60)-class fire and gas dampers
  • Non-return dampers and pressure-relief dampers
  • Shut-off, balancing and gas dampers
  • Blast dampers

Features of Halton’s smoke-free fire dampers include:

  • Pneumatic, electrical, spring-actuated or mechanical operation systems
  • A wide range of explosion-proof accessories and special steels combined with structural flexibility
  • ATEX-approved dampers
  • Products manufactured according to the ISO 15138 standard
  • Excellent quality recognized by the leading oil companies and the major classification societies worldwide

Cabin ventilation systems

The Halton Marine cabin ventilation system is a total air-conditioning package specifically designed for different types of cabins and spaces. The package includes a CAV/VAV unit with plug-and-play controllers plus supply and exhaust products. Controllers consist of an input-output unit, an intelligent room-thermostat and an interconnection cable.

The CAV/VAV unit can operate as a stand-alone unit or in a series. A LON or Ethernet network ensures that cabin units can be controlled, monitored and adjusted using simple PC software.

  • Single and double-duct cabin units (B15)
  • Airflow units for large volumes with heating
  • Low sound levels and pressure drop
  • Cost-efficient commissioning due to plug-and-play technology
  • Pressure-independent operation system
  • Programmable CAV/VAV unit controllers

Halton’s intelligent and energy-efficient cabin ventilation systems can reduce cabin-ventilation energy demands by up to 35%.

Safety features of this equipment include:

  • Low surface-temperature heating coils
  • Tailored safety functions for airflow handling
  • Double-safety (SW and HW) to avoid overheating
  • Possibility to connect additional sensors in cabin units, e.g. pressure and fire detection sensors
  • Network solution opens numerous possibilities to include additional safety features in cabin units according to customers’ needs, which can be operated, adjusted and controlled by human machine interface (HMI)
  • Pressure-level handling in over-pressure areas
  • Heating control for explosion-proof areas

Galley ventilation equipment

Halton Marine is a leading supplier of galley ventilation equipment. As the forerunner in UV-light technology, Halton offers the most efficient filtration technology in the field, which adds value in fire safety, improves hygiene and reduces the need to clean galley ducts.

Halton Marine provides a wide range of galley ventilation equipment for different heat loads and applications. Automatic galley-water wash hoods, galley hoods and canopies, control cabinets, certified wet-chemical fire-suppression systems, and stainless-steel diffusers are amongst this range. These systems produce controlled ventilation that guarantees energy efficiency.

Features of Halton Marine’s galley ventilation equipment include:

  • UV-light technology, providing the most efficient grease filtration technology in the market, improved fire safety, and reduced maintenance times and duct cleaning costs
  • Automatic washing cycle
  • Capture jet technology for low airflow rates
  • In-built certified fire damper in the exhaust connection closes automatically in the event of fire
  • Construction according to USPHS available
  • Continuously welded construction in water wash hoods and condensate canopies
  • Available for new buildings and refurbishments

About Halton

Halton Marine is a strategic business area of Halton Group that supplies products and systems for improving indoor air quality worldwide. The product range covers indoor air solutions for commercial, public and industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, and marine and oil and gas facilities.

The Halton Group has manufacturing units and R&D centers in Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, the UK, Hungary, Malaysia, Norway and the US.

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    Halton Marine develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality HVAC systems designed for the oil and gas industry. The company's main products include, but are not limited to, H0 (120) fire dampers, A0 (60) fire and gas dampers, non-return dampers, pressure-relief dampers, flow-control d


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