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Halton Marine Releases New High-Efficiency Droplet Separator

Halton DSH is a high-efficiency droplet separator for demanding applications where reliability, ease of installation and maintenance, plus a special design, play important roles. The separator vanes are designed to restrict the passage of moisture, salt spray and rainwater into, for example, HVAC systems and engine room intakes.

The brand-new Halton DSH is a new generation droplet separator that offers high-performance in demanding conditions such as:

  • Air intakes in marine and offshore installations
  • Any type of air intake including landside applications where designed air velocity is high
  • Close-to-air handling units to minimize the condensation on cooling coil
  • Many other applications

The new Halton droplet separator has been tested according to the EN 13030 performance test for louvers subjected to simulated rain. The tests have been made at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, where the new droplet separator reached the A-Class results.

Droplet separator model options

Halton DSH droplet separator is available in two different models:

  • Single-stage model including a droplet separator and a frame; net and a mask louver are
  • available as an option
  • Two-stage model includes a droplet separator, a frame and a filter; net and a mask louver are available as an option
  • Net prevents small objects entering the HVAC system; mask louver provides an aesthetic outlook
  • Filter removes small particles

Additionally, DSH can be equipped with an access hatch that enables easy access to the filter. The filter options include both panel filters and bag filters. A compact solution is to install DSH in conjunction with a Halton fire damper. This can be done with or without a connection piece. The product can be connected together at the Halton Marine factory. DSH is available in unlimited sizes with modular construction.

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