Headquartered in Bunschoten, The Netherlands, Heinen & Hopman is a leading specialist in HVAC systems and has a global client base that it services through its offices and agents worldwide.

Within the maritime sector Heinen & Hopman is renowned as an innovative and client-oriented business that provides innovative and bespoke solutions through working in close cooperation with their customers. Eric Stoffelsen is the sales manager for the offshore division which supplies the offshore industry.

An employee of Heinen & Hopman since graduating, Eric says: "It’s a good company to work for. Established in the mid 1960s it is still a family business and has a low staff turnover."

On the subject of Heinen & Hopman’s offshore operations he continues: "As Heinen & Hopman, we specialise in providing HVAC systems for the nautical industry, including yacht building and shipyards, the navy, commercial clients, the offshore industry and most recently, offshore windmills. In fact the wind energy industry is now our biggest growth market in the North Sea sector."

Indeed Heinen and Hopman’s success as an industry leader can be attributed in large part to its ability to be flexible in order to meet a client’s requirements, as Eric explains:
"Since the global downturn pricing has been our biggest issue, especially as we are having to fight local competition worldwide. As a company we work extremely closely with our clients, getting right into the heart of their business so that we can be a part of their team and offer the best solution to their problem. Within Heinen and Hopman we have a flexible workforce and can easily match the right person to the right problem."

An example of how this pays off for the company is in its development for a client of an explosion proof compressor, which they have modified to be used in Zone 1 applications. These semi hermetic compressors are mainly used in offshore applications and are the only ones on the market that can be used in Zone 1 applications.

Another example is our especially developed Battery Powered Temporary Refuge Unit, which fully complies with the requirements of HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and ISO. This unit is not only sufficient for maintaining pressurisation in the TR area and keeping the accommodation at the ≥ 50 Pa. overpressure mark. It also serves as a battery powered HVAC unit. We have poured all our decades of experience in the ERP sector into creating a sealed accommodation that meets all the statutory regulations and much more beside.

Newest to market are Heinen and Hopman’s Turbocor Compressors, the world’s first totally oil-free, extremely compact, energy efficient and lightweight compressors. With a focus on the environment and cost savings, the world is looking for HVAC technology that makes a difference in efficiency, sustainability and applicability. While being exceptionally sustainable and compact, they have a long service life due to the absence of mechanical wear surfaces offered by frictionless magnetic bearing technology.

Heinen & Hopman is a regular attendee at the industry’s major trade shows, OTC Houston and ONS Norway or Offshore Europe Aberdeen. Eric says:
"Visibility is important and the big trade shows are vital for networking. Word of mouth is the key to keeping your business alive and growing."

With the rich history behind the company and a positive outlook for the future, Heinen & Hopman can be assured of their continued place as a leader in the field.