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Offshore HVAC and Refrigeration Systems

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Mollier is a complete supplier of competence and equipment for demanding offshore environments. Our engineers and technicians provide a thorough advisory and follow up from planning to completion, and take the complete responsibility for our customers’ HVAC systems.

Mollier delivers a complete package of services related to a HVAC project:

  • Surveys, studies and recommendations
  • Total projects – EPCI
  • Power and automation
  • Refrigeration and cooling
  • Noise control and calculation
  • Technical safety and working environment
  • Maintenance and modifications

HVAC systems for the offshore industry

The main concern within a HVAC system is providing a safe environment for both personnel and equipment. Mollier will always focus on giving the customer optimal solutions keeping in mind correct functionality and costs. We offer:

  • System engineering and design
  • Surveys, studies and recommendations
  • Technical advising
  • Delivery and installation of HVAC and refrigeration systems and components
  • Automation and instrumentation
  • Inspections
  • Condition analysis, reports and recommendations
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Commissioning
  • Air flow balancing and pressure adjustment
  • Duct cleaning

Mollier ensures that all new or modified installations are operated in accordance to required performance standards.

Power and automation systems for HVAC

Mollier offers complete engineering on a variety of systems related to HVAC, on submersible rigs, platforms and ships:

  • Safety and automation systems
  • Area safety charts
  • Emergency shutdown logic diagrams
  • Fire and gas cause and effect diagrams
  • System control diagrams
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Design of electrical regulation and power systems
  • Complete automatic / control panels for HVAC systems with PLC base
  • Design of components for HVAC systems, e.g. PLC / RIO panels, MCC, thyristors, etc.
  • Installation of electrical equipment for HVAC regulation
  • Implementation of control systems for HVAC as an independent system or to existing system on platforms / rigs

Offshore refrigeration and cooling systems

Our engineers are highly skilled specialists with core knowledge of designing the correct type of refrigeration systems in connection with the air conditioning and air handling units. Mollier supplies complete cooling installations for hazardous and non-hazardous areas:

  • Design, supply and installation of all types of refrigeration packages and AC units
  • Remodelling of cooling and freezer installations
  • Refrigeration plants and equipment for hazardous areas
  • Troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance of all types of refrigeration packages
  • CFC / HCFC refrigerant gas reclaim and replacement with ‘ozone-friendly’ alternatives
  • Complete pre-fabricated freezer and cold store packages

HVAC maintenance and modifications

Mollier provides a full range of services related to preventive and corrective maintenance on different levels, and on various types of systems, as well as taking care of all aspects when it comes to modification and replacement of existing HVAC systems:

  • Service agreements
  • Examination of maintenance routines with recommended changes
  • Cost-reducing initiatives based on accessibility and criticality
  • Cleaning of HVAC systems
  • Spares management
  • Modifications, repairs and replacements
  • Reconstruction of systems due to functional changes in an area
  • Installation of water separating air inlets

Ekofisk II

The original Ekofisk area development consisted of eight oil and gas fields, namely Cod, Ekofisk, West Ekofisk, Tor, Albuskjell, Eldfisk, Edda and Embla.

Mollier Awarded New Offshore Contract

Mollier has been selected as a partner by SMOE shipyard in Singapore to provide cooling systems for residential platform 2 / 4 L on Ekofisk.


Forusbeen 210

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