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Explosion-Proof HVAC Design, Manufacturing, Certification and Maintenance Services

OSV manufactures air conditioning and ventilation equipment for hazardous areas in petrochemical installations such as refineries and offshore oil and gas platforms.

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OSV manufactures air conditioning and ventilation equipment for hazardous areas in petrochemical installations such as refineries and offshore oil and gas platforms. All equipment supplied by OSV is for air conditioning, pressurisation and ventilating areas containing hazardous gases such as offshore oil and gas platforms and analyser houses.

HVAC equipment

OSV has developed two product ranges of special HVAC equipment. The North Sea range was developed in the UK and meets the requirements of fixed production offshore oil and gas platforms. The OSV HAZAIR range provides HVAC systems for land-based analyser houses and for offshore cabins and temporary installations on platforms.

North Sea range:

  • NS-1 explosion-proof HVAC equipment
  • Louvres
  • Control dampers and fire dampers
  • Air terminals
  • Air treatment equipment
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Ductwork systems
  • Instrumentation and controls

The HAZAIR range includes HZ-1 split air-cooled units, combined pressurising air-con units, ex-proof flow fans, window air-con units, air-con units for offshore electrical equipment buildings, single fan pressurising units, air-con units for analyser houses, offshore window air-con units, dual fan pressurising units, ex-proof cooling fans, watermakers and Rilton explosion-proof electric motors. It also includes:

  • AC-1 and AC-4 window air conditioning units, AC-3 cabin air conditioning units and AC-8 offshore window air-con units
  • AC-2 combined pressurising / air-con units
  • AC-5 air-cooled split air-con units
  • AC-6 air-conditioning units for analyser houses and AC-7 air-conditioning units for offshore electrical equipment buildings
  • AW-1 watermakers
  • CF-1 explosion-proof cooling fans
  • EF-1 extract fans
  • PU-1 pressurising units
  • SC-1 sample coolers for analyser houses
  • FM-1 explosion-proof Rilton electric motors

Custom HVAC systems

Although OSV has standard products, the company provides equipment to meet project specifications that vary considerably from project to project and can require many options.

Materials vary from 316L stainless steel to 304 stainless steel and mild steel with hot-dip-galvanised or painted finish. Electrical supplies vary from various voltages at three phases to single-phase AC and DC supplies. Hazardous areas vary from those classified under the European IEC system and those under the US NEC system. Air conditioning, ventilation and pressurising capacities vary with the size of the project.

Complete HVAC packages

OSV specialises in packaging HVAC systems to include duplicate air handling units, condenser units, compressors and duplicate pressurising fan systems all together on one skid complete with electrical cabling and control systems.

This has the advantage that the complete skid-based system can be factory tested and inspected by the client prior to delivery of the unit to the site for installation. Late client requirements can be identified at this testing stage so that modifications can be done in the factory rather than in the more difficult working environment of the project site. This also reduces the commissioning work required to be done on site because operation of the system including the correct functioning of control systems has already been completed and tested.

A further advantage of a complete package HVAC system is that installation is fast, requiring the lowering of the skid-based HVAC unit onto a prepared matching foundation, connection of electrical and drain connections and installation of a minimum of ducting.

About OSV

Off Shore Ventilation Ltd was the first OSV company. It was established in the UK in 1976 to design systems and manufacture equipment for the UK North Sea oil and gas industry. OSV was established in 1986 in Singapore to provide the same service to the South-East Asian region. In 1996, OSV established a manufacturing facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, while continuing to operate from its office in Singapore.

OSV Hazair

OSV is in the business of providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning services specifically for hazardous environments, such as offshore oil and gas platforms, refineries, FPSO vessels, analyser houses, e-houses, modular buildings and cabins.

Bien Dong 1 Project, Nam Con Son Basin

Bien Dong 1 Project involves the joint development of the Moc Tinh and Hai Thach gas fields, situated in the Nam Con Son basin, offshore of southern Vietnam.

OSV Receives ISO 9001 Certification

OSV Hazair, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, has received the certificate of assessment for ISO 9001:2008 in the field of sales and distribution of HVAC systems.

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