Eddy current testing

Sensima Inspection is proud to release the latest member of its UPEC line of ultra-portable eddy current testers specially developed for offshore applications.

Enjoy a Windows tablet on-site!

Unique combination of advanced eddy current technology integrated with a recent Windows 8.1 tablet into a casing of unprecedented

Your design!

Extensive feedback from rope inspectors was introduced into the design of the versatile casing offering superior ergonomic and unlimited handling configurations.

Uncompromising performance

At Sensima Inspection we are convinced that offshore inspection deserves the highest performance, this is why we continuously improve both the hardware and software of our instruments. You will be impressed by our signal to noise ratio and software functionalities!


To be used with Absolute, Plus Probe, and many others. Compatible with the vast majority of your legacy probes. We provide accessories on request.

UPEC Ultra Portable Eddy Current testers, by Sensima Inspection

UPEC is a line of eddy current testers developed by Sensima Inspection for manual NDT, underwater, and automated (ROV) inspections. Contact us for more details.