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Wilkens Weather Technologies

Marine Weather Forecast Services, Tropical Advisory and 24/7 Consultation

2925 Briarpark Drive, Suite 710,
Texas 77042 United States of America

2925 Briarpark Drive, Suite 710,
Texas 77042 United States of America

Wilkens Weather Technologies (WWT) provides energy and offshore operating companies with the most accurate and useful forecast information available.

By applying state-of-the-art technology and highly trained meteorologists, WWT’s goal is to advise clients of the elements, whether it is a tropical storm, an approaching squall line, high seas or turbulent winds.

Metocean forecasting services for the offshore industry

WWT supplies accurate and compete weather forecasting services so clients can focus on the tasks at hand. These services include:

  • Routine site-specific weather reports
  • Tropical advisory services
  • Severe weather and squall notifications
  • Interactive web and mobile operational planning tools
  • 24/7 meteorological consultation and support
  • Historical metocean data analysis

Daily weather forecasts (site-specific, route, land and rigmoves)

Through WWT’s Weather Forecast Centers, a team of 25 experienced forecasters provides 24/7 customised daily forecasting services for any operation worldwide.

For example, marine weather reports delivered once, twice or four times daily include a brief synopsis of forecasted weather, a statement of severe weather when applicable, and a three, five, seven or ten-day forecast for a site-specific location, or throughout the route. Graphical presentation of the wind and wave forecast, as well as detailed synoptic charts, are also included.

Tropical advisory services

Tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane (typhoon or cyclone) advisories with track / strike probability charts are provided every six hours for systems posing a threat to a specific area.

WWT provides tropical advisory support in all active basins in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Daily weather outlooks are also provided detailing conditions that are conducive to tropical cyclone formation over the upcoming several days.

Severe weather and squall notifications

Whenever severe weather threatens your specified area, WWT will send a notification describing the nature, timing and forecast of the threat.

The company’s Squall Line Advisory Service includes high-resolution satellite imagery with storm annotations detailing the location, speed, direction of movement and anticipated arrival time of the threat.

Meteorological web and mobile applications

Clients receive a unique, password-protected website that provides detailed access to their latest weather forecast reports, along with a full suite of interactive mapping tools, regional weather charts, graphics, available radar and satellite imagery.

Wilkens Weather Mobile provides offshore operators with convenient access to current weather conditions at their specific location, daily reports and tropical bulletins in a mobile-friendly format, local weather charts, and available radar and satellite imagery.

24/7 meteorologist consultation and briefings

WWT meteorologists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide briefings and consultation regarding wind and sea state, severe weather, tropical disturbances, and long-term weather patterns that affect operations.

Onsite / onboard forecasters are also available for mobilisation on the client’s highly sensitive projects.

Historical metocean analysis

Historical data analysis is critical to understand the overall vulnerability of a particular structure, vessel, or operation to various weather environments around the world.

WWT provides historical wind, wave, temperature and storm data, to assist clients with project development, site selection, engineering, design and scheduling.

About Wilkens Weather Technologies

WWT has been a trusted leader in global, site-specific marine weather forecasting throughout its company history.

WWT’s meteorologists prepare accurate weather forecasts for exact locations, which is critical to scheduling, cost of operations and the safety of personnel. They are always available for consultation, customer support and special notification of severe and tropical weather.

WWT understands the importance of rapid response and flexibility required by major operators in the oil and gas industry.

Case Study: Adriatic LNG Terminal (Installation and Operation)

The Adriatic LNG Terminal is the world's first offshore gravity-based structure for unloading, storing and regasifying liquefied natural gas (LNG). It is located 15km offshore Porto Levante, in the northern Adriatic Sea and is set on the sea floor in about 29m of water.

Wilkens Weather Debuts iOS Mobile App

As part of its ongoing effort to provide the most useful weather planning information for the offshore industry, Wilkens Weather Technologies® announced the introduction of Wilkens Weather Mobile 1.0, its new iOS mobile app, available today in the Apple App Store for iPhone® and iPad®.

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