Just in time for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane season, Wilkens Weather Technologies (WWT) has released a new version of its iOS mobile app. The latest version contains a series of major upgrades to the app’s Interactive Weather Map, including a new Threat Profile feature, which is now embedded within the global tropical cyclone tracking tools, allowing immediate threat identification of tropical systems with respect to customer assets.

"From real-time weather display to our cyclone tracking feature set, WWT effectively informs users of the impacts from an approaching tropical system," said Ryan Fulton, senior programme manager at Wilkens Weather Technologies.

"Our Threat Profile analysis tool, a feature within the cyclone tracking capabilities, provides an interactive, user-friendly assessment of storm distance, time and intensity with respect to a site-specific location. This improves emergency response by providing advanced warning and awareness to those within the potential impact zone. And through their mobile app, users get this information when and where they need it — whether in the office or on the road."

In addition to tropical forecasts, WWT customers have access to current weather conditions, site-specific weather reports and the company’s daily weather briefing video Wilkens Weather Live, all in a mobile-friendly format.

The new version (1.1.1) of WWT’s iOS Mobile App is now available at the Apple App Store for iPhone® and iPad®.