A new interactive simulation tool from Wilkens Weather Technologies (WWT) is helping offshore oil, gas and marine companies improve their weather-related decision making. The solution, EnsembleSimulator, uses probability-based forecasts to clearly identify working weather windows for on-going marine operations.

"Traditional weather reports frequently result in uncertainty in forecast confidence because they cannot be easily quantified," said Mark Walquist, general manager at WWT.

"Our new on-demand, interactive simulation tool improves decision-making confidence by using probability in determining project weather windows, particularly for daily go/no-go decisions."

EnsembleSimulator enables customers to run a variety of weather simulations based on their operational thresholds, for both short-term and longer-range ten-day forecasts, to provide an immediate visual understanding of weather trends and how they will impact operations. The tool’s forecasts are updated four times a day, allowing customers access to the latest weather information, and is available as a web-based or an emailed solution based on the customer’s preference.

EnsembleSimulator is currently in beta testing and will be demonstrated at the Wilkens Weather Technology Exhibit booth #6880 at the Offshore North Sea Conference & Expo in Stavanger, Norway.