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Samson Awarded for Outstanding Service by Professional Mariner Magazine

Samson, the worldwide leader in high-performance cordage, was pleased and honored to accept Professional Mariner’s Samuel Plimsoll Award for Outstanding Service by an Organization for 2011 at the Shipping 2011 Conference held March 21-23, in Stamford, Conn. The award was accepted by Dr. Rafael Chou on behalf of Samson.

The award is named after Samuel Plimsoll (1824-1898) who was a member of Parliament in Britain and tirelessly fought against unsafe maritime industry practices. “The Samuel Plimsoll Award honors those whose work has made life safer and more productive for modern day seafarers,” says John Gormley, Jr., editor of Professional Mariner.

Since the introduction of their flagship product AmSteel-Blue in 1996, Samson has been making the commercial marine industry safer. This product is, size for size, as strong as steel wire but 1/7th the weight, making it much safer for crews to handle and significantly reducing back and hand injuries.

As part of their commitment to quality products improving the safety of mariners worldwide, Samson has dedicated the rope industry’s leading R&D team to furthering high-performance synthetics as a replacement for steel wire rope. This is demonstrated in patented products such as Mooring Defender, a reduced-recoil rope used for mooring tankers and large vessels, and a fire resistant rope that is used as an emergency tow-off pendant called Vulcan.

Dr. Rafael Chou, director of research and development for Samson, accepted the Plimsoll Award on behalf of Samson. Dr. Chou is also featured in the February issue of Professional Mariner in an article that discusses Samson’s commitment to quality and safety.

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