Often the way to deliver a competitive price for water treatment projects is an exercise in cost cutting but sometimes you need to invest for success.

Jarid Hugonin, CETCO Oilfield Services’ technology and research manager, said: “CETCO has used the ViPA online analyser in many situations to determine both solids and oil size and concentrations. In one application in particular, the ViPA saved CETCO from losing a $300,000 project by determining the micron size of the solids in the influent of the water treating system. Once the micron size of the solids were determined, the proper pre-filters were put in place prior to the oil removing media used to polish the water before discharging overboard off the coast of Brazil.

“The fact that CETCO was using a sophisticated device to determine the amount and sizes of the solids present, which were far higher and smaller than was given in the job scope by the client, field adjustments were able to be made to successfully complete the project with no problems to the client or the environment.”

The development of a water quality profile that is truly representative of the water that is to be treated is the best way to ensure that any proposed treatment solution will be both appropriate and cost effective.

“Whether you are looking for a treatment solution that can be guaranteed to perform or you are seeking to deliver a process solution that you can guarantee will work, the small investment required to produce online water quality data will more often than not reap dividends, and by producing the data online, you know that the information provided is directly relevant to the process fluid and not subject to changes that can occur when taking bottle samples,” said Nick Roth, managing director of Jorin Limited.

The ViPA is available as a portable system and options are available for hazardous area operations, Gayathri Ariaratnam, Jorin’s process engineering manager, said: “While many of our customers have purchased ViPA analysers and CETCO Oilfield Services were an early adopter and have invested in several ViPA instruments to support their own work worldwide, Jorin also has a stock of instruments available for rental and we can provide experienced field operators to travel to site and produce the required data for clients. Jorin often works in the oil and gas sector but we are ready and able to assist customers in all industry sectors around the globe.”

For further information contact Mr Nick Roth, Jorin Limited, tel +44 116 275 3300 fax: +44 116 275 3322.