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Jorin manufactures, services and supports visual process analyzer (ViPA) instruments for the on-line measurement of oil concentration, oil drop size distribution, total suspended solids and solid particle size distribution in oilfield water systems.

ViPA instruments are used to generate continuous process data in produced water treatment, separation and filtration systems, particularly where treated produced water is being re-injected for sweep and pressure maintenance in producing formations. The ViPA also has applications in monitoring the treatment of seawater and aquifer water for injection purposes and for monitoring of treated, produced water that is being discharged overboard.

Fixed or mobile water-treatment plant process instrument

Jorin offers the ViPA either as a permanently installed process instrument package, monitoring single or multiple sample points within a water treatment plant, or as a mobile instrument transferable between sample points. All ViPA systems can handle high temperature (120°C) and high pressure (120bar) samples and are ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.

Both mobile and permanently installed ViPA systems can be configured for use in highly ambient temperatures and are suitable for use in desert environments.

Mobile offshore process survey instrument

The MZ3 mobile instrument is particularly suitable for offshore process survey, as its modular construction allows it to be rapidly broken down into sub-20kg packages for easy handling between sample points. The permanently installed instruments are self-maintaining and have been installed in unmanned locations. The data from a permanently installed ViPA can be used for process management and performance verification.

The mobile instruments can be deployed for process troubleshooting, establishment of fluid specifications, performance testing of new process devices or optimisation of existing plant and monitoring of chemical trials. Jorin provides contract technicians to operate the mobile instruments where required, and will collate all data and prepare reports to client specifications.

Optimisation of three-phase separators, hydro-cyclone vessels, compact flotation units and filtration plants

Previous case studies have included optimisation of three-phase separators, hydro-cyclone vessels, compact flotation units and filtration plants.

Video imaging and analysis for water-system particulate data

The ViPA uses continuous online video imaging with image analysis to provide size, shape and concentration data for all particulates present in oilfield water systems. Using information on particle shape, objects can be classified as oil drops, gas bubbles or solid particles.

The information can be stored in separate databases, allowing the continuous monitoring of up to eight particle populations simultaneously. Detailed investigation of shape parameters can further identify solid particles, typically as sand, process scale, biological material or agglomerated oil and solids.

The richness of this data stream means that operators do not have to rely on a single parameter such as oil concentration to characterise a produced water stream.

Complete model of oilfield water quality

This additional information on oil drop size, solid particle size and type, and the potential origin of troublesome solids, gives a more complete model of water quality and the power to resolve many process issues.

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Press Release

Jorin Releases Free White Paper on ViPA Oily Water Quality Monitoring Technology

Jorin has released a free white paper on the Offshore-Technology website about its ViPA oily water quality monitor technology. With their client experiencing serious oily water separation problems and high overboard discharges, Jorin was able to optimise the production separation train

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Press Release

14 September 2011

Jorin has released a free white paper on the Offshore-Technology website about its ViPA oily water quality monitor technology. With their client experiencing serious oily water separation problems and high overboard discharges, Jorin was able to optimise the production separation train

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5 September 2011

Injecting seawater into reservoirs for pressure maintenance and incremental enhanced oil recovery is a long established practice, normally involving water treatment processes and high pressure pumps located on platform topsides. The next logical evolutionary step is moving closer to r

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15 August 2011

Often the way to deliver a competitive price for water treatment projects is an exercise in cost cutting but sometimes you need to invest for success. Jarid Hugonin, CETCO Oilfield Services’ technology and research manager, said: "CETCO has used the ViPA online analyser in many situati

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2 August 2011

With controls on the disposal of produced water getting ever stricter and the specification for produced water injection getting ever tighter, the focus on produced water treatment is increasing and optimisation of existing separation performance and chemical dosing can significantly increase the

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10 July 2011

Understanding the nature of the solids present is key to optimising any separation process plant. For produced water, the solids present can range from sand, silt, algae, bacteria, scale, napthenates and many others. To attain good separation and achieve good quality water for injection or dispos

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3 July 2011

Jorin has launched their new ViPA model MZ4 portable online water quality analyser. The MZ4 is ATEX certified for use in Zone 2 and measures oil droplet size, oil concentration, solid particle size and solids concentration simultaneously. The MZ4 is only 425mm x 275mm x 420mm and weighs in at les

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21 June 2011

Jorin’s Process Insight is a complete consultancy service for oil and gas fluid behaviour during production, sea water injection, waste water treatment and produced water injection projects. These studies encompass various project stages, from conceptual and detailed design to final pl

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