Litre Meter manufactures custom Pelton wheel turbine flowmeters and rotary-piston positive-displacement flowmeters. The company also distributes thermal-mass gas flowmeters; helical-screw positive-displacement meters; electromagnetic flowmeters; drum-type gas meters; vortex flowmeters; ultrasonic flowmeters; and axial-flow turbine flowmeters. Mass flowmeters, water flowmeters and chemical flowmeters for chemical injection applications are also available.

Fluid measurement and control instruments

Litre Meter, based near Buckingham, UK, was established in 1975 and specialises in the custom design and manufacture of instruments for measuring and controlling fluids.

Rotary meters, gas flowmeters, helical-screw flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters and ultrasonic flowmeters

Litre Meter’s portfolio includes flowmeters of all kinds, including rotary meters, gas flowmeters, helical-screw flowmeters, electro-magnetic flowmeters and ultrasonic flowmeters to handle a wide range of viscosities, flow rates and pressures, aggressive liquids and hazardous or adverse environments. Litre Meter has particular expertise in measuring low flow rates and flows at high pressure.

Offshore and subsea flow-measurement flowmeters

The company has particular expertise with offshore and subsea flow-measurement and has supplied flowmeters for these applications throughout the world. The company’s VFF flowmeter was developed specifically for the petrochemical industry for chemical injection and hydraulics measurement.

The Integrated Flow Solutions IRCD skid on Chevron’s Tombua Landana drilling and production platform off Angola is designed to monitor and control the injection of chemicals to pre-treat crude oil.
Eight Litre Meter VFF flowmeters were installed on the Orlan Platform to help minimise production costs.
Litre Meter’s VFF flowmeter is capable of measuring fluids with very high particle contamination, such as some chemicals that are added to crude oil.
Smart-Trak is accurate and reliable with instrument stability resulting from its inherently linear design, advanced platinum sensor technology and a responsive control valve.

High-pressure flow measurement to 4,000bar/60,000psi is catered for. All of Litre Meter’s chemically resistant flowmeters are constructed entirely from titanium, PFA, PVDF, PP or PVC.

Positive displacement meters, VFF rotary meters, thermal-mass gas flowmeters and volumetric drum-type gas flowmeters

Flowmeters from Litre Meter are also available for many other industrial applications where the measurement of high or low viscosity fluids or gas is required. As well as Pelton wheel and positive displacement meters for low viscosity applications, Litre Meter also manufactures VFF rotary meters for accurate low-flow measurements. It also distributes thermal-mass gas flowmeters from Sierra Instruments and volumetric drum-type gas flowmeters from Ritter.

Pelton wheel flowmeters

Litre Meter pioneered the development of the Pelton wheel flowmeter, an accurate and versatile technology that has since been used across many industries to measure a variety of low viscosity materials at both low and high flow rates.

The company is also UK distributor for other flowmeter technology, including Euromag electromagnetic flowmeters, Kral helical-screw flowmeters, Sierra thermal flowmeters, Vortex mass-gas flowmeters and Digmesa flowmeters.

Litre Meter holds ISO9001:2000 approval as well as Investors In People approval. It is a member of the Institute of Manufacturing at Cambridge University, the Institute of Measurement and Control, and Milton Keynes’ Chamber of Commerce.