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Introducing a New Series of Alimak Marine Elevators

Alimak is proud to launch a new innovative Marine Elevator, designed for marine applications. The all-new ALIMAK ME is a passenger and freight elevator suitable for an array of marine vessels, built on Alimak’s tried and trusted traction technology.

The new ALIMAK ME marine elevator is available in two-car sizes, offers capacities of up to 1,600kg and has superior ride comfort, all without the need for a machine room.

The elevator consists of high quality, reinforced stainless-steel car frame with progressive safety gear in accordance with European regulations and is available with the option of hot-dip galvanization, suitable for high humidity areas.

Emergency scenarios have been factored in with an escape hatch in the ceiling of the elevator car, an emergency escape ladder and LED roof lighting with emergency diodes. The landing doors are specially reinforced for marine application and for installation in the welded shaft.

Alimak ME marine elevators comply with EN81-20/50, ISO 8383, DNV Rules for lifts and 2014/33/EU regulations. The elevators are standardised and designed according to the client’s optimal shaft utilization, fit for purpose.

Vertical access solutions for use onboard ships and sea vessels themselves present a range of specific environmental challenges. Industrial vessels are often harsh environments, and any effective marine elevator, therefore, needs to be capable of handling extreme weather, as well as unavoidable roll, pitch and heave. Alimak’s marine elevators can be relied upon in all weather conditions.

Alimak has supplied elevators for the marine and offshore market since 1974 and continues to invest in new technologies and concepts to improve the productivity and sustainability of the industry.

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