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New offshore lift orders to Alimak

New offshore lift orders to Alimak Kvitebjørn production platform

Alimak has received an order for a 450 kg personnel lift to be installed in the derrick of the Kvitebjørn fixed steel production platform. The Rack & Pinion lift will have its electrical equipment explosion protected for Zone 2 operation. The lift is furthermore equipped with the Alimak Lift Controller (ALC), a fully collective, microprocessor based car operating system. The Kvitebjørn lift is the first explosion protected Alimak lift for the offshore industry to be provided with the new ALC control system. The total travelling height of the lift is 29 m.

The Kvitebjørn gas wells to be developed by Statoil are so called HP/HT (high pressure, high temperature) reservoirs located at a depth of 4000 m and in 190 m deep water in the Norwegian Sea. Production is scheduled to start in the autumn of 2004.

Global Santa Fé semi-submersible

Two Alimak hull column personnel lifts will be delivered to Global Santa Fé to be installed in a new semi-submersible under construction by Jurong Shipyard in Singapore. There is also an option for another two lifts for a second semi-submersible platform.

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