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Alimak Hek Provides Custom Lift for Valhall

Alimak Hek AB will supply an Alimak passenger and goods lift with 6.5t (13,000lbs.) payload capacity for BP’s new platform at the Valhall field in the North Sea.

This is the largest lift without counterweight ever to be manufactured by Alimak Hek. The lift design is custom made for the project and has required considerable engineering and manufacturing efforts. The lift has two separate machinery units with a total of eight motors. It will operate on dual mast towers and is equipped with some special horizontal sliding doors. With two different speed options, the lift is able to handle large loads, as well as function as a lift for general passenger use.

The Valhall field is situated in the southern Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The field will have five bridge-connected platforms. For more efficient operations, a new platform will replace functions on some of the existing facilities. The lift will be installed outside the new platform with approximately 40m lifting height.

Three Alimak lifts are already in operation at the Valhall complex. The first lift was installed in 1993 and the following during 2001. With the new platform in place, the Valhall field is able to continue on stream until 2050.

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