Liebherr offshore’s crane division is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative new manipulator system, which features a safety working load of 100t.

Using this special equipment will extend the task our offshore cranes can complete in service.

Providing reliable machines and safe working conditions is quintessential for an equipment manufacturer.

To underline this approach, Liebherr designed a manipulator for its ram luffing knuckle boom crane series.

The Manipulator 100 is able to be used with either hook or crossbar function. The crossbar mode perfectly matches to any operation, especially to those under bad weather conditions or to emergency operations.

It can be used for swing-free liftings of bigger components such as flotation devices of several dozen tonnes.

These devices prevent the loss of equipment like pipes and cables underwater.

Next to the crossbar mode the manipulator can be used for more efficient material handling on-board.

Load handling is restricted because conventional main and auxiliary hooks can’t rotate.

This makes lifting of loads within limited space very difficult. The Manipulator 100 is able to fill this gap due to its 360° rotatable structure.

Additionally, it is equipped with a two meter long hydraulic telescoping arm. In this way the manipulator ensures an optimised working range and is an ideal tool for pipe handling operations, for example.

The Manipulator 100 can be used for Liebherr ram luffing knuckle boom cranes, one of the latest products in the companies’ offshore portfolio.

Both the RL-K 4200 and the RL-K 7500 can be outfitted with the Manipulator 100.

The ram luffing knuckle boom crane series is used for both deep sea operations and pipe handling.

The RL-K 4200 has a lifting capacity of up to 100t and a boom configuration of 50m. With its low working radius and its boom extension to almost 180°, the RL-K 4200 is an ideal solution for pipe handling operations.

Next to this, the RL-K 7500 is also able to fulfil the requirements of subsea operations.

Due to its deep sea winch the crane can handle loads in water depths of about 3,600m below the sea level. Both cranes are ideal partners for the manipulator.