New record

Liebherr offshore cranes set a historical record in terms of annual deliveries, supplying as many cranes a year as never before.

With 87 units delivered, Liebherr offshore cranes achieved a new delivery record. Liebherr offshore cranes once again contributed to the overall success of Liebherr Maritime Cranes.

Beside the new ram luffing knuckle boom crane (RL-K) series board offshore cranes (BOS) and mast type cranes (MTC) are Liebherr’s most-in-demand crane types in the market. Well filled order books allow for an optimistic 2015 forecast despite a generally unstable world economic development.

"Our distinctly increasing turnover figures wouldn’t be possible without our new production site in Rostock, Germany, as well as our worldwide sales and service network. We are all working together as a team, always close to the customer to meet new needs before they arise. Our success proves that Liebherr offshore cranes are on the right track, despite the challenging economic environment," said Wolfgang Kueng, sales director for Liebherr offshore cranes.

BOS and MTC series most successful

The BOS-series had already been the most successful offshore crane type in the Liebherr offshore product portfolio in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, the number of supplied units was even doubled, compared with 2012. With 38 units delivered, BOS is the most demanded offshore model series and continues its striking success.

The BOS 4200 had a significant impact on this positive development as customers opted for 22 cranes of this type. This model impresses with a maximum capacity of 150t and a boom length between 33m to 72m. Used in the oil and gas industry, for heavy lift construction, as well as wind plant installation, Liebherr BOS series are designed for outstanding versatility. The BOS series is characterised as a reliable state-of-the art slewing bearing offshore crane with rope luffing system and lattice boom.

In addition to the BOS success, Liebherr nearly quintupled MTC deliveries in 2014, compared with 2013. With a total of 33 units supplied, Liebherr mast type cranes clearly contribute to the satisfying annual sales figures of Liebherr offshore cranes. Mainly used for the oil and gas industry Liebherr MTC model series stands out as a safe state–of-the-art king post mounted offshore crane. Liebherr customers benefit from minimised total lifecycle costs and guaranteed spare parts availability from several service stations across the globe.

Ram luffing knuckle boom crane opened up new market segments

Through the new ram luffing knuckle boom series RL-K Liebherr extends its range of offshore cranes and offers its customers a convenient solution for general purpose but also subsea operations as well as pipe- and riser handling.

With the RL-K 7500 Liebherr offers an innovative active heave compensation concept for subsea applications up to 3660m below water level. The crane can be rated both as general purpose offshore crane and as heavy lift crane, being able to hoist loads weighing up to 300t. It can thus be installed on board drill ships and also on pipe lay vessels.

The RL-K 4200 is next to general purpose operation mainly used for pipe and riser handling on drill ships. The crane prime mover is either electric or diesel hydraulic. With a maximum capacity of 100t and a radius of up to 54m, the RL-K 4200 covers a wide field of applications.

The ram luffing knuckle-boom crans opened up new market segments for Liebherr in the offshore sector. Steadily growing sales figures confirm that the RL-K is developing in the right direction. One vital advantage of the crane’s knuckle boom is that loads can be lowered to the water surface with a short rope length between crane boom head and water line. Furthermore, the crane is equipped with a number of advanced hydraulic, electric and electronic features and functions, some of which were submitted for patent by Liebherr, for example, Heavetronic system (AHC).

Sales outlook

The Liebherr offshore crane order backlog for 2015 allows for a positive forecast. Contrary to the modest world economic development, especially in the oil and gas industry, the worldwide demand for Liebherr offshore cranes stays constant.

Throughout the world, Liebherr offshore cranes and their innovative features are sought after on a very high level. For that reason, Liebherr is optimistic that 2015 will be a good year for its offshore cranes.

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