Hire fleet additions

The second new 20t trailer winch, along with two more 10t trailer winches and a further six 4t trailer winches, all from our manufacturing partner, OMAC, give even greater depth to a trailer-mounted winch range that already covers every required capacity from 500kg up to 20t.

The final element of this most recent investment is six versatile KN1000 portable capstan winches, intended primarily to support the needs of the electrical and telecommunication services.

Our hire fleet of Softrak All Terrain Vehicles is now seven-strong, providing the opportunity for more customers to make use of these unique vehicles at the same time.

Complete with winch or hiab options, Softrak can provide winching and lifting capability, as well as the ability to transport large payloads across difficult terrain, including marshland, steep slopes and even snow to reach otherwise inaccessible locations, giving a very efficient and cost-effective alternative to the deployment of helicopters.

More than just winch hire, Rotrex delivers

We are proud of our ability to deliver real winching solutions, not just equipment.

We will naturally continue to invest in our fleet of high-quality winches and equipment, for both hire and purchase but it is when these are coupled with our unrivalled real-world winching expertise that Rotrex Winches stands out as genuine market leaders.

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