We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Winchfinder’, the new app from Rotrex Winches that puts winching expertise at your fingertips.

The app includes a directory of our winches showcasing them and their specification. You can also contact us with your winching requirements direct from the app.

The ‘Winch Application Finder’ tool allows you to get advice direct from Rotrex regarding the best winch for your job. All you have to do is complete a short form and we’ll get in touch with the information you need.

The Photo Upload feature lets you take a photo of your situation and it will be emailed direct to our customer services team, who can then assist you with your enquiry.

Finally, with access to Rotrex Videos and our latest news and messages, we are sure you’ll find the app a great tool for your day-to-day winching needs.

Key features of the app include:

  • Winch Directory
  • Winch Application Finder
  • Photo Upload – show us your requirements
  • Rotrex Videos – Winches in action