Customised testing

Versabar’s thorough and accurate system integration testing (SIT) programme is exemplified in this test of a riser guide tube assembly (RGTA).

A client needed to install two RGTAs in two of the soft tank riser guides on an offshore spar. In order to replicate the procedure onshore, Versabar fabricated a mock riser guide. An alignment funnel was installed to the bottom of the riser guide to ensure proper orientation of the RGTA. The RGTA was carefully lifted and pulled in through the alignment funnel and mock riser guide in the same fashion it would be performed offshore.

Once installed offshore, a Versabar VB100 winch will be used to pull in two risers and an umbilical through the RGTAs.

Versabar provides a full range of services for riser and umbilical installations for the offshore industry.