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Lifting Equipment for Offshore Scaffolding Applications

Westech supplies a wide range of solutions to the offshore and construction sectors.

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Westech supplies a wide range of solutions to the offshore and construction sectors.

The oil and gas industry comprises a number of production phases and different equipment such as flexible scaffolding systems and high-quality shipping nets.

Adverse operating conditions and extreme safety requirements are often a common feature for the oil and gas industry, so ensuring security while optimising efficiency, cost savings and long-term profitability can be difficult.

A weight calculation for lift operations must consider the dynamic capacity of the scaffolding and include the safety margin. Challenges arise when usage imposes overload on the scaffolding components. For heavier lifts, more complex scaffolding must be applied. This requires more engineering, planning and use of calculation resources.

Lifting equipment for scaffolding applications

The ENERGY Rig™ is a certified lifting frame that aims to reduce risk during lifting operations.

The modular ENERGY Rig™ is compatible with most scaffolding systems, and is easily assembled by authorised scaffolding personnel. This makes the lifting process more efficient, reducing costs and the risk for incorrect lifts.

The ENERGY Rig™ takes approximately ten minutes to assemble on an existing scaffold and has a low handling weight. It is also pre-certified, so it can be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled.

Advantages of the ENERGY Rig™ include:

  • Certified lifting tool up to four tonnes
  • Reduces risk during lifting operations and total costs
  • Can be mounted in pairs for increased flexibility

Scaffolding beam clamps for installations

The ENERGY Grip™ is designed for handling RHS-profiles in new installations or platforms and is a suitable replacement for fastening clips and pipes.

An easy-to-assemble, cost-effective solution, it has a payload capacity of 2,000kg and a large fastening point capacity.

The ENERGY Grip™ is also integrated with a feature that prevents the downtime and risk related to dropped objects from a height.

Shipping container nets

Westech’s container nets are specifically designed for the protection of costly tools and falling objects in the offshore industry. They are designed to withstand adverse conditions and climates. We use a high-quality mesh instead of a tarpaulin to prevent the collection of snow and rainwater, which can freeze and turn into ice in cold climates, becoming a serious hazard for workers on deck.

Our container nets are developed together with leading industry suppliers to meet the challenging demands of the North Sea and the Arctic. Our SKB, SKLN and SKC are designed to hold loads of to 5t in the event of a sling break, reducing the risk of falling objects.

All our nets are carefully crafted by hand and inspected before shipping. To ensure a high standard product, we only use high-quality materials in the manufacturing process.

ENERGY Grip™ Scaffolding Beam Grip

ENERGY Grip™ is designed for handling RHS-profiles, as a suspension for H-profiles of same size and for L-profiles, if the horizontal top of the profile is the highest point.

ENERGY Rig™ – Adapted for Scaffolding

ENERGY Rig™ is compatible with most scaffolding systems and is easily assembled by authorized scaffolding personnel. This makes the lifting process more efficient saves costs and reduces the risk of incorrect lifts.


Dusavikveien 79

4007 Stavanger