CR Control Systems has been designing and manufacturing marine aids for navigation lighting equipment for more than 50 years, including marine signal lanterns, both incandescent and LED, six-place lampchangers, programmable flashers and related equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry and offshore windfarms. Our lights are US Coast Guard (USCG)-approved for classes A, B and C for the Gulf of Mexico and meet IALA recommendations. Our products are built in ISO9001-certified factories.

LED marine aids for navigational lighting equipment

All of our LED lights feature the advanced and very efficient optical technology of our patented side-emitting lens and LED heat sinking system, which assures long operating life of the LEDs. The lens produces the most uniform horizontal and vertical divergence in the industry. The state-of-the-art flasher and pulse width modulated (PWM) driver circuit provides a high-efficiency constant current drive system to power the LED. LED / lenses can be stacked to multiply the light intensity.

The CR2100 is a two to four-mile visibility LED self-contained marine signal lantern that contains a solar panel and storage battery to allow the light to function independently for many years without maintenance. It is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and its steep cone-shaped top with spike is an effective bird-deterrent and self-cleaning mechanism. In addition, a large heat sink allows the LED to run more temperately thus extending its life. It is available with two solar panel and battery size options depending on customer requirements. It is USCG-approved for class C lights in the Gulf of Mexico in its small solar panel / battery configuration. As a class C light, it offers in excess of 30 days autonomy.

The CR2200 is a five to eight-mile visibility LED marine signal lantern that allows the light to be powered by a remote source. It contains all the components of the CR2100 except the solar panel and battery. It is available with one or two LEDs depending on customer light intensity requirements.

CR2100 LED self-contained marine signal lantern.
CR2200 LED marine signal lantern.
CR7100 (two LED version) marine signal lantern.
Six-place lampchanger.
CR155MM marine signal lantern.

LED CR8000 self-contained light offers three to six miles visibility. It is an LED self-contained / solar-powered LED lantern that is a low-maintenance, complete bolt-on light package designed for the extreme conditions encountered by marine aids to navigation on buoys and fixed structures. It is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of USCG specification 506 for buoys and fixed structures above -4°F (-20°C).

LED CR7100 marine signal lantern classes A and B

The CR7100 LED marine signal lantern is USCG-approved for use on five-mile class A structures using a single LED. It is available as a one or two-LED system depending on customer light intensity requirements. The patented design allows maximum heat sinking for the LEDs to promote long life. It is a superior alternative to incandescent lanterns in the one to eight-mile peak-intensity visibility range, with lower power consumption yet greater vertical divergence.


Our six-place lampchangers (2086A/B/BLR) are appreciated by our customers worldwide for their design simplicity, reliability, lamp-positioning accuracy and consistency. Our models include high-wattage and low-wattage lamp versions.

CR155MM marine signal lantern has been the industry standard for many years for medium-range incandescent lighting.