CR Control Systems Wins US Coast Guard Contract for LED Signal Lanterns

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has awarded a one-year contract with four option years to CR Control Systems, Inc. for the supply of its CR7100 externally powered standalone LED marine signal lantern. The light is suitable for applications requiring light projection in the 3-8 mile range.

The CR7100 is fitted with its patented side-emitting optical and LED heat-sinking systems. The LED lens utilizes several optical design techniques, which allow a vertically mounted LED to project a sideways 360° light beam without metallic reflectors and with even light distribution above and below the horizon.

The acrylic LED lens produces the most uniform horizontal and vertical light projection profiles in the industry. It is molded in a clean room, resulting in crystal clear clarity, unmatched for optimal and highly efficient light transmission.

The heat sink system effectively draws heat from the LED(s) and passes this heat to the outside of the housing. This allows the LEDs to run temperately, which is necessary to attain greater than 100,000 hours life expectancy of the LEDs.

In order to be technically acceptable, The CR7100 lantern meets USCG Specification 506 Revision 1.0, which includes many design and environmental test requirements, such as light beam alignment and uniformity, shock and vibration, immersion, protection from static discharge, wind speed, etc.

CR Control Systems has been a supplier to the US Coast Guard and many worldwide commercial and governmental entities for more than 50 years.

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