Cable glands

TechNed Benelux BV puts its own series of Ex-brass nickel plated cable glands on the market, Type TB-P, with ATEX and IECEx Certificate.

The range of the TB-P cable glands starts from M20 to M80 and they can be supplied with NPT threading in a range from 0.5in to 3in on request.

The cable glands are made of brass and are equipped with a nickel protection to prevent contact corrosion with other materials. The cable glands are also available in 316L stainless-steel on request.

Besides the standard compression glands for armoured and unarmoured cables, the ‘barrier glands’ are also included with the standard package. The range also includes cable glands where a flexible conduit can be connected. The glands are suited for braided and wire armouring.

For each gland, there are different ranges of seals so there is always a suitable solution, even if the cables that are foreseen to have different tolerance.

TechNed can supply additional seals with different ranges to meet the tolerance of the cable. The filling of the ‘barrier glands’ can be done after the cable glands are installed so a time saving can be achieved.

For more information, please contact TechNed.