offshore strengthening, modification and repair services

Offshore structures expert Naval Sondhi recently joined FoundOcean to lead its strengthening, modification, and repair (SMR) design services division.

FoundOcean managing director Jim Bell said: "Naval’s 30 years’ detailed knowledge of the design and analysis of strengthening, modification and repair systems for jackets marries perfectly with our current range of offshore construction services."

With nearly 4,000 active oil and gas structures in the Gulf of Mexico alone, we can only expect to see increasing numbers of assets in our waters aging, and requiring life extension solutions to keep them safely operating past their intended design life.

"We are already bidding for SMR design work for operators with assets in India and the Gulf of Mexico," said Sondhi. "FoundOcean’s excellent reputation as an innovative and safe offshore service provider gives us real credibility when talking with major international players."

FoundOcean now offers both a full turnkey solution that includes structural analysis and repair design through to the offshore installation of the solution, or alternatively a pick-and-mix of analysis, design and installation services depending on specific project requirements.