UKAS Acknowledges Norbar Expertise

The Norbar Torque Tools calibration laboratory in Banbury, Oxfordshire has achieved an extended level of endorsement from the government-recognised United Kingdom Accreditation Service, being awarded UKAS accreditation for performing calibrations to 108,500nm of torque under BS7882: 2008.

Norbar offers an extraordinary range of independently accredited capabilities that very few laboratories in the world can match, now extending from over 100,000nm for projects such as measuring torque for fasteners on massive oil and gas pipelines down to 0.005nm for delicate scientific calibrations.

Managing director Neill Brodey explains that precision engineering expertise is at the core of all its manufactured products and equipment. “We put the same level of consistent quality and accuracy into a 200nm Norbar torque wrench as we employ in more specialised equipment. Users across all sectors from vehicle aftermarket to mining can have total confidence that our products are fully fit for purpose as calibrated. Our range of experience in torque means that our technical consultation, service and support are second to none.”

Norbar calibrates and recalibrates both its own equipment and that of competitors to international standards. The laboratory was previously accredited for up to 6,800nm with a traceable, non accredited service to 100,000nm. The greatly increased calibration range provided by the new UKAS accreditation is a tribute to its capabilities.

Based in the US, Australia, New Zealand, China and Singapore as well as the UK, Norbar demonstrates consistently strong performance as a manufacturer and exporter of torque equipment. The company also manufactures much of its own tooling for production and its testing equipment can be found in other engineering laboratories throughout the world.

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