Versa Intregity Group

Versa Integrity Group is a full service non-destructive testing and rope access service provider. We offer a wide range of NDT to offshore and onshore industries, all performed by certified and qualified professionals. Versa can meet your needs, whether it is conventional NDT such as RT, PT or MT, or advanced services such as phase array, time of flight diffraction, guided wave, digital RT and tubular inspection. All NDT can be supported by our experienced rope access technicians.

We bring more than 70 years of NDE inspection, automated ultrasonic testing and high-end evaluation capability, including phased array, advanced ultrasonic technology, time of flight diffraction, tubular inspection corrosion mapping, atmospheric tank inspection, engineering and rope access. Versa offers a variety of inspection and maintenance repair capabilities that are utilized in all facets of industrial, refining, chemical and offshore inspection and maintenance.

Inspection services

Versa offers non-destructive testing personnel certified to SNT-TC-1A by an ASNT level III to perform various methods of NDT. Our company also offers API 510, 570, 653 inspectors certified by API – ICP and AWS – certified welding inspectors.

Monitor and evaluate the condition of in-service process piping, pressure vessels and equipment, exchangers, storage tanks and pipelines, and assist with compliance of PSM and SEMS requirements.
NDT inspection: UT – digital thickness, shear wave, phased array, corrosion mapping, TOFD, magnetic particle (MT), penetrant testing (PT), radiography (RT), PMI, ACFM, and guided wave (MsS).
Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) is the most accurate ultrasonic method of measuring.
VERSA Integrity Group offers a full complement of inspection services to facilitate new tank construction API-650, in-service and out-of-service API-653 storage tank inspection.

Rope access

Rope access personnel are ideally suited to perform all types of NDT, as well as mechanical and electrical work. Fabric maintenance, rigging and spring can hanger inspection are accomplished utilizing rope access. In the offshore industry, rope access is used for TLP/SPAR inspections and Versa maintains an ABS external specialist certificate.

Advanced non-destructive services

Versa Integrity Group can provide additional inspections that fall outside the basic ASNT procedures with our advanced non-destructive testing services. Our services offer various advanced technologies. These may be referred to as specialty inspections and may consist of phased array UT, corrosion mapping, positive material identification, guided wave ultrasonics and tubular inspections (eddy current, remote field and IRIS).

Above ground atmospheric storage tank inspections

Versa Integrity Group offers a full complement of inspection services to facilitate new tank construction API-650, in-service and out-of-service API-653 storage tank inspection. The company also offers certified inspectors that have experience in the application of STI-SP-001 to meet current EPA requirements of small tanks that fall into the agency’s rule for spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC).

We can provide the following services:

  • Settlement surveys
  • Floating roof evaluations
  • Seal inspections
  • UT crawler inspections
  • Laser inspection of floor level deviations
  • Pontoon inspections
  • Planar tilt evaluations
  • MFE flux leakage inspection of floor plating

About Versa Integrity Group

Versa Integrity Group was created in 2013 when Owensby & Kritikos (O&K) and Savoy Technical Services (STS) joined forces. We currently employ over 400 permanent personnel in six different regions of the US. With a combined experience of over 70 years, we have performed work on domestic and international projects for our clients.

Our offices offer conventional non-destructive testing, such as radiography RT, dye penetrant PT, magnetic particle MT, manual UT, and positive material identification. Our rope access group is not only a stand-alone service for maintenance tasks, electrical, rigging, as well as insulation and fabric maintenance and installation, but is also well-adapted to assist with all facets of NDT for the onshore and offshore industry. Versa also offers a variety of advanced NDT solutions.

Our highly trained technicians perform phased array ultrasonic testing, time of flight diffraction, AUT and corrosion mapping, guided wave, tubular testing, surface eddy current, and surface laser mapping, plus much more.