Full rope access training that exceeds SPRAT requirements and job-specific training to master tasks before reaching the field.

Rope access is a method of work positioning making use of ropes and climbing techniques. Rope access evolved from techniques used in mountain climbing and caving to become an extremely safe and cost-effective industrial tool. Using fewer men and less equipment reduces the overall risk of exposure. All technicians receive extensive training and are certified by a third-party SPRAT.

Versa Integrity has an in-house training facility, which allows job-specific training to master tasks before reaching the field. This allows for better planning and therefore less time on your project results in less cost in man-hours.

Personnel are certified to any number of non-destructive principles allowing the technician to work with inspection groups eliminating the need for additional access by means of scaffolding, man lifts, or cranes. Many of the same personnel are trained in multiple crafts allowing one crew to perform a variety of tasks, which may include:

Mechanical and electrical work that may be completed utilizing rope access:

  • Welding
  • Bolting
  • Pipe installation and removal
  • Structural construction/repairs
  • Pipe wrap repairs
  • Run and secure conductors
  • Conduit installation
  • Instrument work

Spring hanger:

  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Adjustment
  • Replacement

Rope access is ideally suited for fabric maintenance, including:

  • Insulation work
  • Sheet metal and jacketing
  • Banding
  • Siding installation
  • Storm damage repair
  • Surface preparation
  • Painting
  • Industrial cleaning


  • Flare tip replacement
  • Mooring line replacement
  • Tank roof work
  • Relief valve maintenance
  • Staging installation