Merford Noise Control

Merford designs, produces and installs leading solutions for industrial noise control.

The company has been delivering custom-made solutions since 1980, as well as individual components with guaranteed sound reduction worldwide.

Custom noise control solutions for the offshore industry

Merford’s noise control solutions combine different technical disciplines, including acoustics, ventilation, constructional engineering, thermal engineering, explosion computations, fire and gas detection and electrical engineering. The company’s solutions are delivered turnkey, ranging from engineering to onsite installation.

The offshore industry requires custom solutions that address the balance between maximal functionality, minimal weight and floor area usage, while at the same time guaranteeing safety, and access for maintenance and sustainability.

Merford has its own acoustics laboratory with measuring and computational facilities for noise control systems.
In the first part of the project process, a 3D model is created to gain insight into the solution.
A wide range of noise control products enables Merford to provide its clients with a solution for every application.
Merford supplies both customised solutions and individual components in a variety of sizes.
A product can be delivered turnkey up to the installation of the solution.

Merford’s approach includes a thorough onsite analysis, a collaborative iterative design, 3D modelling of the solution and continuous coordination with a client’s schedule and processes. Each production is configured to meet offshore requirements and the company provides the necessary documentation.

Offshore-certified noise management products

Merford delivers a wide range of solutions that are produced with durable and offshore-certified materials.

Systems offered by the company include:

  • Noise-insulating enclosures and containers
  • Sound-attenuated ventilation systems
  • Noise screens
  • Noise-absorption systems
  • Vent silencers and engine exhaust silencers
  • Acoustic louvres and doors

Recent noise control installations on offshore platforms

Merford has been involved in a number of projects worldwide.

The most recent projects for the offshore industry include:

  • Four advanced blast and noise-proof enclosures for gas compressors on the new Edvard Grieg production platform
  • Two noise enclosures equipped with ventilation systems for combustion engines on the E17a-A drilling platform
  • Three blast-proof noise enclosures for compressors on the Shell Leman drilling platform

Merford guides each client from the start of every request, in order to provide them with the right solution, products and services.

About Merford

Merford’s ‘project management excellence’ approach ensures on-time and on-budget deliveries with maximum customer satisfaction. Clients include leading industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), energy performance certificate (EPC) contractors, energy infrastructure operators and oil and gas producers.

The company has an indoor acoustics laboratory that meets European standards with its own measuring and computational facilities.

Merford is ISO 9001-certified and manufactures its products according to NORSOK standards. As a family company, it stands out due to its extensive focus on human and environmental aspects.