Inspection of Fired Heaters with Plugged Headers

Recent advances in Quest Integrity’s Furnace Tube Inspection System, or FTISTM, have increased the capabilities of the technology and extended the benefits of ultrasonic intelligent pigging to heater coils containing plug headers (mule ears) – without the need for radial inserts.

Fired heaters such as Coker Heaters contain plugged headers, in order to allow access to the coils interior without cutting off a return bend. This access is sometimes necessary in order to achieve recirculation in the event that the coil becomes plugged and circulation is not achievable at the optimal flow rate.

Key benefits:

  • Navigates plugged headers without the need for modifications
  • Eliminates the need to install radial inserts (slippers)

Quest Integrity validates all of its technology in state-of-the-art testing facilities. Additionally, the FTIS technology advances to navigate plugged headers has been validated through extensive testing in operator owned and designed facilities, successfully navigating these complex fittings.

The Furnace Tube Inspection System provides 100% overlapping inspection coverage. Anything less means that the inspection and reporting is likely to miss a percentage of flaws or damage mechanisms.

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