Raccortubi Group Production, Stockholding and Supply of Critical Piping Systems

Raccortubi warehouse

Raccortubi Group manufactures, stocks and supplies piping materials for critical applications such as chemical and petrochemical plants, oil installations, power plants, shipyards, fertiliser plants and offshore platforms.

It provides pipes, tubes, butt weld fittings and flanges in stainless-steel, duplex, superduplex, superaustenitics and nickel alloys from distribution points worldwide.

Raccortubi Group offers solutions from both stock and production for complete project packages, as well as single item necessities, and products in a wide range of diameters and thicknesses.

Butt weld fittings and piping components

Raccortubi Group offers integrated production of butt weld fittings within its distribution network, effectively combining stockholding and manufacturing activities.

The company’s large stock of pipes, fittings and flanges offers its customers added value, as it provides ex-stock material directly to customers and raw material to its internal production facilities. The extensive warehouse dimensions and consistent stock replenishment by Raccortubi Group’s manufacturing plants permit buffer stock for frame agreements. In addition, the complete control over production allows for short timescales due to adaptive planning and flexibility.

Internal quality management

Raccortubi Group’s internal technical specifications have been engineered to guarantee the manufacturing and stockholding of materials in full compliance with the vast majority of end-user requirements in the oil and gas industry. This means that clients can benefit from the off-the-shelf availability of fully tested and certified products without the constraint of additional time and costs for laboratory testing.

The company’s integrated production benefits from its own internal laboratory, which alongside the use of certified base material ensures for the distribution of high-quality butt weld fittings.

Both stockholding and production activities have ISO 9001:2008 certification, while group production facilities have been certified to PED, ASME and NORSOK M-650 Ed. 4 specifications.

Raccortubi Group companies also hold numerous end-user approvals for the most sophisticated fields of application.

Customised testing, cutting and packing services

Raccortubi incorporates years of experience and industry expertise to customise orders based on its client needs.

The company has more than 6,000 products available, as well as a flexible and consistent supply of butt weld fittings from production. In addition, it offers colour coding, cutting, extra testing, special packaging and marking to ensure that it is able to respond to any customer request.

Petrol Raccord hot-formed butt weld fittings manufacturing facility

Acquired by Raccortubi at the end of 2014, Petrol Raccord manufactures butt weld fittings up to 56in almost without wall thickness limitations.

Using the hot forming method, it has the capability to provide elbows, tees, reducers and caps according to strict market requirements. Thanks to its experience and expertise, an increasing part of production is dedicated to special / customised fittings such as flow or barred tees, ‘Y’ pieces, laterals, manifolds and headers.

Petrol Raccord has also obtained quality certification for the nuclear industry.

Tecninox manufacturing facility for cold-formed butt weld fittings

In 1988, Raccortubi established Tecninox, with its integrated manufacturing plant specialising in the production of cold-formed butt weld fittings between 0.5in and 16in in stainless-steel, duplex, superduplex, superaustenitics, nickel alloys and titanium.

Tecninox’s production planning is based on both Raccortubi stock replenishment and specific client orders. Usually customer requests, which include single items and project packages, are fulfilled immediately from stock.

Raw material can also be taken from Raccortubi stock and inserted directly into Tecninox production to respond to customer requirements with short lead times.

About Raccortubi UK and Raccortubi Norsk

With the establishment of Raccortubi UK and the acquisition of Norsk Alloys in Scotland, the Group has a strong presence in the region. Following the acquisition by Raccortubi Group, Norsk Alloys, experienced stockholder of specialist piping materials for the Oil & Gas industry, became Raccortubi Norsk.

The two companies collectively oversee the stockholding and supplying of pipes, fittings and flanges in stainless-steel, duplex, superduplex, superaustenitics and nickel alloys. In particular, they are providing EPC contractors, fabricators and blue chip companies in the region with a direct and targeted service.

About Raccortubi do Brasil, Raccortubi Middle East and Raccortubi Singapore

Raccortubi’s subsidiaries in Brazil, Dubai and Singapore consist of both offices and warehouses. They have been established to maximise the group’s flexibility and offer customers a regional presence, resulting in greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the client. Each subsidiary has developed its stock programme on the basis of individual market requirements, specialising in those products that offer its regional customers added value.

Each subsidiary offers local prices and local availability for maintenance and regular day-to-day distribution. They have sound platforms to reach the local markets and support clients, supplying them with complete project packages, as well as ex-stock material for urgent requirements.

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Press Release

Raccortubi Group Presented with 2016 Business International Finance Award

On the evening of 8 June, Raccortubi was awarded the 2016 Business International Finance Award for its administrative processes, accounting and management systems.

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Industrial Services for Critical Applications

Raccortubi Group manufactures, stocks and supplies piping materials destined for critical applications such as chemical and petrochemical plants, oil installations, power plants, shipyards, urea plants and offshore platforms.

Raccortubi S.p.A.

Viale De Gasperi 194

20010 Marcallo con Casone (Milan)


+39 029763001 +39 0290376337 www.raccortubigroup.com

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Press Release

29 June 2016

On the evening of 8 June, Raccortubi was awarded the 2016 Business International Finance Award for its administrative processes, accounting and management systems.

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2 June 2016

Raccortubi Group is a leading manufacturer, stockist and supplier of piping materials for critical applications, with pipes and fittings in nickel alloys 625 and 825 available worldwide.

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28 April 2016

From 2 to 5 May, Raccortubi Group will be making its debut appearance at the OTC in Houston.

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26 April 2016

Raccortubi Norsk, Raccortubi Group's most recent acquisition, has moved into new premises on Blackburn Business Park in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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4 April 2016

Raccortubi is exhibiting at this year's Tube event that is dedicated to tube trading and manufacturing, which takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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15 February 2016

During the ninth UK-ITALY BUSINESS AWARDS at Palazzo Mezzanotte (Milan), Raccortubi Group received the ELITE AWARD for excellence and entrepreneurship in its field.

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2 November 2015

On 23 October 2015, Raccortubi acquired Norsk Alloys, established in 2005 in Aberdeen, UK.

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31 May 2010

Stainless Steel World recently caught up with Luca Pentericci, managing director of Raccortubi, who was keen to pass on to us some recent news about investments, which have been taking place at Techinox, a member of the Raccortubi Group. Mr Pentericci said: "As you know, Raccortubi is o

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9 May 2010

Predicting the future for commodities such as Duplex alloys is always going to be a fraught enterprise. There are so many parameters that can have a dramatic effect on the annual tonnage sold. When Stainless Steel World spoke to Raccortubi's MD Mr Luca Pentericci, for example, he was most careful

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31 March 2010

Raccortubi Group, an Italy-based company, is one of the most important European stockholders, suppliers and manufacturers of piping materials used in critical applications such as chemical, petrochemical, oil installations, power plants, shipyards and offshore platforms. Raccortubi Gro

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31 January 2010

Raccortubi has reached a pivotal point in its strategic planning. The company has made some important investments in its infrastructure and has established new procedures in its production as it moves into the new decade. Raccortubi, a leading manufacturer and stockist of piping syste

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Regional Offices

Raccortubi S.p.A.

Viale De Gasperi 194

20010 Marcallo con Casone (Milan)


+39 029763001 +39 0290376337 www.raccortubigroup.com
Tecninox S.r.l.

Via Don Spagnoli 7

29010 Sarmato (Piacenza)


+39 0523 887452
Petrol Raccord S.p.A.

Zona Ind.le Ponte Trebbia

Via Trebbia 29

29010 Calendasco (Piacenza)


+39 0523 761811
Raccortubi do Brasil Ltda.

Rodovia Geraldo Scavone 2080

Unidades 17/18

CEP 12305-490 Jacareí

São Paulo


+55 12 3878 4544
Raccortubi Middle East FZE

Warehouse No. RA07AC05

P.O. Box: 17639

Jebel Ali


United Arab Emirates

+971 4 887 6211
Raccortubi Singapore Pte. Ltd.

101B Pioneer Road

Singapore 639607


+65 6862 4310
Raccortubi UK

16 Old Bailey



United Kingdom

+44 1287 635260
Raccortubi Norsk Ltd.

Unit 2 South Wellheads Centre

Wellheads Crescent


Aberdeen AB21 7GA

United Kingdom

+44 1224 722299

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