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Vital Training for Staff Managing Contracts and Contractors

Typically 60% to 80% of an organisation's business activities are contracted out to external service providers. Skilled management of these contracts is essential if you are to both reap the benefits of outsourcing and avoid potentially disastrous pitfalls. Our unique courses are designed to give your staff the skills to provide effective management right from the early stages of the "upstream" (pre-award) part of the process through the "downstream" (post-award) delivery of the contract to completion and close-out.

Our Contract Management courses have been designed to give your staff the skills to manage your company's contracts through all the stages, from developing a contract strategy, through award and execution right up to demobilisation and close out.

Our unique courses will:

  • Give your staff the skills they need to manage your business really effectively
  • Enable you to say with confidence that you know what is going on
  • Avoid costs and waste arising from contractor under-performance

Please download this white paper for more information.

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