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Learning and Development Programmes for Safety and Operations

DuPont™ Sustainable Solutions provides innovative award-winning blended learning solutions to help organisations meet their unique training objectives.

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DuPont™ Sustainable Solutions provides award-winning blended learning solutions to help organisations meet unique training objectives. Our solutions integrate versatile educational technologies and engaging content to give employees a comprehensive learning experience.

More than 190,000 corporate training professionals in 129 countries have relied on DuPont Sustainable Solutions to help strengthen crucial competencies, boost productivity, increase profitability and save lives.

Learning and development solutions for businesses and working environments

The most effective learning and development (L&D) programmes directly support an organisation’s strategic business goals. An important step in enhancing your L&D programme is to measure the effectiveness of your current learning activities and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our experts visit your worksites and interview key personnel, from human resources to management and line workers.

Competencies aligned with business objectives help foster an organisation’s success. DuPont helps identify core competency needs so that your L&D programme will focus on the skills, knowledge and abilities required to deliver business results.

The DuPont™ eLearning Suite, the next generation of the Coastal eLearning System, combines engaging content, scalable applications and outstanding professional services to bring learning to life for your employees.
Whether it’s in a classroom, on a laptop or on a mobile device, CoastalFlix™ from DuPont Sustainable Solutions gives you the flexibility to deliver workplace safety training anytime, anywhere.
DuPont™ STOP™ (safety training observation programme) helps make safe behaviour and workplace conditions part of the work culture. Find out more at a free webinar.
Increase safety awareness and improve safety culture with the help of DuPont’s learning and consulting solutions. Our technologies, content and know-how helps reinforce safe behaviour and protect employees from injury.

We design learning activities that help corporations develop the skills, behaviours and competencies required to meet strategic business goals. Through internal training programmes at DuPont facilities and our work with numerous clients, we have developed a unique understanding of how to blend classroom study with practical on-the-job experiences that are most effective for a particular industry, worksite or job role.

Our consulting services team uses the ADDIE (analyse, design, development, implementation, evaluation) instructional design model to produce compelling content that resonates with the audience. From engaging video to interactive online courses to instructor-led presentations, our experts can develop blended solutions to meet your employees’ diverse learning styles.

We establish metrics and processes to measure the effectiveness of your learning and development programme. We also inspire employee performance through coaching and constructive feedback.

Award-Winning Content Delivered in Blended Formats

With a comprehensive library of occupational health and safety training courses, DuPont can help your organisation reduce safety incidents, stay in compliance and transform safety culture. Our award-winning training solutions feature engaging content to help increase safety awareness and safe behaviour.

DuPont STOP™ is a world-class safety observation and communication solution based on proven DuPont methods. It provides a path to significant safety improvement by making safe behaviour and awareness of workplace conditions part of an organisation’s culture.

DuPont maintenance and reliability courses help improve employees’ core, industry and job-specific competencies, as well as develop the multi-skilled workforce you need to enhance operational efficiency and improve profitability.

The DuPont human resources curriculum can help employees improve workplace communication, morale and performance with courses on respect, ethics, harassment, diversity, leadership and supervisory development.

DuPont courses run in a number of blended delivery formats. With our workshops you can learn how to apply DuPont best practices in the areas of safety and operations to improve your safety culture and increase operational efficiency. Train-the-trainer certifications help you discover how to implement a self-sustaining model for developing and mentoring expert trainers throughout your organisation. We can help you identify, select, assess, train and certify trainers.

Our library of interactive, customisable online courses can help improve attitudes, behaviours and skills with compelling content and engaging instructional design. CoastalFlix™ video streaming enables your employees to experience compelling DuPont content via any web-enabled device.

DuPont DVDs feature chapterised content, allowing trainers to facilitate discussion. The customisable PowerPoint® presentation can help you conduct site-specific training. Alternatively, DuPont handbooks and workbooks keep your training message in plain sight and remind employees of its importance as handy references.

Online training for safety and operational efficiency

The DuPont eLearning Suite is ideal for organisations seeking comprehensive online training solutions. Suite components include the learning management system (LMS), interactive courseware, authoring tool, assessment builder, and contractor tracking system.

With the learning management system you can deliver, manage and track employee training in one convenient system from any location around the world. DuPont’s authoring tool allows you to create your own engaging e-learning courses, with no programming skills required.

Design customised assessments from DuPont courses or from your own content with the DuPont assessment builder. Then deploy a tailored training programme to accelerate employee learning. You can also create a survey or questionnaire to deploy to all employees or to a select group. The contractor tracking system lets you track contract worker compliance to your site-specific work requirements.

Help ensure a successful e-learning deployment with implementation support and technical assistance that meet the unique needs of your organisation.

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