M7 Teams with Wasco and Anewa for New Project

Wasco Technologies, which belongs to the globally integrated energy infrastructure group Wasco Energy, is delivering two utility modules to Quip for their P-63 Papa Terra Topside. Prosimus with M7 and Anewa are teaming up with them to assist with the task.

M7 is in a joint team headed by Wasco and working on the engineering of the M81 utility module and M82 heating and cooling medium module for Quip as topside provider and Petrobras as the end client. The project office is located in Jurong, Singapore.

Personnel from both M7 in Singapore and Norway are involved in the project. M7’s well-grounded experience in working for such modules was one of the reasons to be selected for the project.

The project is already well ahead, and we are in the middle of the normal struggle and workload each new project brings with it.

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