Viafin and M7 Collaborate to Establish Viafin-M7

The Finnish Viafin Group (Viafin West Welding) as a major player in the manufacturing of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and M7 Offshore as a solution provider within offshore engineering and project management, have now established and registered the Norwegian company Viafin-M7. Viafin-M7 is located at Billingstad outside Oslo next to the M7 Offshore offices and has been formed to market, sell and manage projects for pressure vessels and heat exchangers for customers in Norway.

Jan Peter Harto (56) has been appointed as the first managing director in Viafin-M7. He has long experience in project management and a variety of engineering operations for a number of companies within the oil and gas sector, e.g. Aibel, ABB and M7 Offshore.

Marko Sipola, CEO of Viafin Group (including Viafin West Welding), says: “We have been searching for a Norwegian partner for our now increased focus on the Norwegian market. We have a major market position in many product segments and geographical areas, but in Norway we have not been able to achieve the leading position yet. We believe a partner with strong knowledge of process engineering will add value to our business and together we are able to deliver better service to our customers in Norway. The first days of Viafin-M7 have already shown that this operation should be successful, as our knowledge base and experiences are complementary and should have a good potential to finally add value for the customer.”

Nils-Erik Hannisdal, CEO of M7 Offshore, adds: “We are pleased to be the partner to such a strong player in this industry. With our personnel’s long history within research and engineering within vessels and process systems it made sense for us to expand our business in this direction.”

More about the companies

Viafin Group (including Viafin West Welding) is a leading pressure vessel and pressurized equipment supplier in the Nordic countries with a turnover of €30m and over 150 employees. The customer base comprises major domestic and foreign industrial companies from oil, energy, process and chemical industries, which demands high-quality products and on time deliveries with world-class manufacturing efficiency.

The company production unit Viafin West Welding is located very close to the harbor on the west coast of Finland and the maximum weight of the single vessel can be over 250t. Viafin West Welding can manage various steel qualities, their characteristics and handlings, including duplex and superduplex. Viafin has over 40 years’ experience in pressure vessel manufacturing and it has manufactured over 1,000 pressure vessels during its history.

M7 Offshore (M7) provides high-class project management and engineering services to the oil and gas industry, with a focus on process plants (ropsides), modules and skids for floating production storage and offloading units (FPSOs). M7 is a solution provider within process and multidiscipline engineering. Key customer segments are ship-owners, oil companies, engineering companies and equipment suppliers.

Both companies work according to strict quality systems and are both AAA-rated by Dun&Bradstreet.

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