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Multi-Physics Simulation Consultancy Services

Petrell develops technology for multiphysics simulations, and tailor-made simulation systems, as well as offering a wide range of consultancy services based on the design and optimisation of safety systems such as fire safety design, technical safety and process systems safety.


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Petrell develops technology for multiphysics simulations, and tailor-made simulation systems, as well as offering a wide range of consultancy services based on the design and optimisation of safety systems such as fire safety design, technical safety and process systems safety.

We perform consequence analyses, safety studies and HAZOPs, which includes third-party reviews and verifications. We also offer support for concept studies through FEED and project execution courses, resources and our competence in technical safety and work environment.

Multi-physics simulation services and tailor-made simulation systems

Brilliant is a CFD-code based on object technology for analysis of transient and stationary phenomena. Based on our unique general-purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) system Brilliant, we offer simulation services within time-dependent multi-physics problems as well as the development of tailor-made simulation systems.

Brilliant is used to simulate leakages, pool fires, jet fires, gas dispersion, ventilation issues, flaring and more. We also use Brilliant for simulation of fire tests of vessels, pipework and flanges etc.

Temperature profile for flange and bolt after two minutes exposure of 350kW/m².
Temperature profile for flow-line and insulation connection after 90 minutes of heat exposure of 200kW/m² with gas flow inside.
Release of CO2, iso-surface for 2% concentration.
Simulation of jet fire test of pipe specimen.
Tank exposed to pool fire.

Flexible, accurate analysis of physical phenomena

Brilliant’s unique features include coupled analysis of all relevant physical phenomena under flow, convection and stress, all in one simulation and on the same geometrical model. The grid is very flexible, to account for varying sizes of the elements from millimetres to kilometres within the same model.

Because of the modelling flexibility and the ability to accurately analyse numerous phenomena simultaneously, Brilliant constitutes a complete platform for developing numerical laboratories.

A selection of recent Brilliant analyses include:

  • Fire integrity and fire protection of flanges
  • Fire integrity of end fittings (for connecting jumpers)
  • Fire integrity of flexible flowlines
  • Smoke studies
  • Ventilation system design
  • Location of F&G detectors
  • Fires in mines and tunnels
  • LNG spill from road transportation
  • Gas dispersion

Brilliant has been verified through tests at RISE Fire Research (formerly SINTEF NBL), as well as through comparison with other tests and the use of CFD and FEM systems.

Blow-down analysis of thermo-mechanical response

Blowdown and flare constitute important elements in the safety strategy, together with escape and evacuation and active and passive fire protection. VessFire is one of the best possible decision-making tools for blowdown and fire integrity. Its license renewal rate, as of October 2019, is 100%.

VessFire is modelled on Brilliant and is a comprehensive tool for analysing the depressurisation of process systems. The user interface is designed to be easy to operate by users unfamiliar with CFD. VessFire is applicable for time-dependent non-linear analysis of thermo-mechanical response during blowdown of process segments and process equipment. It complies with the simulation approach addressed in ISO 23251:2006 and API 521 (2014).

VessFire’s application areas include:

  • Blowdown system/flare system design
  • Sizing of the flow orifice
  • Analysis of staged BDV arrangements
  • Fire integrity of process vessels and piping
  • The correct choice of pipe specifications/schedules
  • Identification of the need for, and the extent of, passive fire protection
  • Process system sectionalisation
  • Identification of the worst leakage rate from a fire and blowdown point of view

VessFire is verified through tests at SINTEF NBL and through benchmarking with several process simulations and blow-down analysis tools. Recent VessFire analyses performed by Petrell on behalf of clients include:

  • Yme New Development (2018-2019)
  • Jotun A (2019)
  • Petrojarl Atlanta (2019)
  • Petrojarl Knarr (2019)
  • Ekofisk M (2019)
  • Johan Sverdrup RP MOD (2019)
  • Modifications at Norne, Åsgard, Zeebrugge and Kalstø

CO2 and CO2 rich systems

The next generation of VessFire, VessFire 2, handles flow in pipes. It includes a new thermodynamic library that ensures a seamless transition of CO2 through the triple point so that the formation of solid CO2 (dry ice) can be identified in pipes and vessels. Petrell provides services to clients based on VessFire 2. Licenses are not yet available.

Brilliant NWS and ICDSIM

The Brilliant Near Wellbore Simulator (Brilliant NWS) supports detailed analysis of near-wellbore phenomena. The tool can be used for the analysis of both production and injection. Darcy flow in porous media is coupled with Navier-Stokes flow in pipes, allowing Brilliant NWS to provide information on pressure, temperature, flow, fluid composition and stresses in the rock and well.

ICDSIM is an ongoing project aimed at demonstrating the use of Brilliant NWS as the basis for an application aiding in the design of complex downhole completions using Inflow Control Devices.


Petrell has performed numerous projects for clients worldwide. The company’s focus is to find solutions, together with the client, that comply with all requirements and criteria. Training, support and guidance are given which follow a project from concept phase to operation.

Some of our clients include Aibel, Aker BP, Aker Solutions, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, DNV GL, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Petrobras, TechnipFMC, Teekay, Repsol, Rolls Royce and Samsung Total.

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