VessFire: Depressurisation and Fire Safety of Process Facilities

VessFire is the leading tool for blowdown analysis of process facilities with or without fire exposure. It simulates depressurisation of shutdown segments with both vessels and pipework. The programme allows for huge flexibility with respect to design parameters, as it includes fluid composition, steel material, vessels / pipework dimensions, insulation, PSVs and BDV FOs, etc.

In other words, VessFire does not only allow one to identify problems, but also facilitates finding solutions that ensures good process design.

The main benefits of VessFire are 1) documented fire safety and steel integrity, 2) opportunities for substantial savings on insulations such as PFP, 3) most favorable depressurization design by way of parameter optimisation.

The precedence of VessFire lies in the dynamic calculation of thermodynamic and mechanical interactions. This includes:

  • Heat transfer from a fire through insulation and steel, to the fluid
  • Energy transfer within the segment
  • Mass transfer between the liquid and gaseous phases in the segment
  • Mass transfer to the flare header

VessFire was first released in 1998 and has since been continuously maintained and developed to meet client requirements.

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