PG Pump Solutions offers innovative pump and compressor solutions for the global oil and gas, subsea and marine markets. The product range is further enhanced to cover related products and applications to up-stream and down-stream the processes, including control systems, heaters/coolers, drives, agitators, start-up and commissioning of advanced systems and pump packages.

PG pumps and compressors and related equipment are suitable for fixed and floating production facilities such as FPSO, FDPSO, semi-submersible platforms, drilling rigs, intervention vessels, supply ships, supply vessels and refineries, representing high-quality pump suppliers throughout Europe.

Pumps and compressors for marine, offshore and onshore applications

PG pumps and compressors can be used in a range of offshore and onshore applications, including:

  • Chemical injection packages
  • Methanol and MEG injection packages
  • High-pressure and ultra-high-pressure injection
  • Produced water pumps
  • Multiphase pumping (twin screw)
  • Utility process pumps
  • Cargo pumps
  • Ballast and machine room pumps
  • Mud and drill cutting pumps
  • Cargo handling, dry bulk and liquid cargo (PG-MACS)
  • Oil and gas, condensate refineries

BWTS ballast water treatment system

PG is the exclusive global sales channel for the Hyde GUARDIAN Ballast Water Treatment solution for the offshore service vessels segment. Hyde GUARDIAN’s exceptionally competitive profile offers simple solutions, most flexible mounting and lowest operational utilisation for these very compact ships and secure IMO regulations achieved with the least use of resources for the yard.

PG-MAPS: multi-application pump solution, subsea pump module.
Gjoa chemical injection module (the world’s largest).
PG-MACS, multi-application cargo solution; the cargo handling system in closed tanks and piping from rig to supply vessel.
PG and Techni were awarded the OTC 2011 Spotlight Award for new technology.
PG's novel subsea-pump PG-MAPS attracts attention in the marketplace, and has secured that PG and Techni - the development partners - will become receivers of this prestigeous award during the OTC 2011 Offshore Exhibition & Conference in Houston, TX, in the first week of May.

Subsea multi-application pumps

PG’s subsea multi-application pump solutions (PG-MAPS) include:

  • Subsea boosting of heavy oil or high viscosity, abrasive liquid containing particles and sand
  • Subsea and topside MUD and drillcutting pump (WD 3,000m)
  • Subsea water injection (WI) and well intervention pump
  • Subsea and topside multiphase pump solution

Agitators, hydraulic power units and control systems

PG can also offer electrical and hydraulic agitators, hydraulic power units and control systems.

EPCI contracting

PG is an independent engineering and systems-integrating entity, with specialised manufacturing of proprietary core products. PG has significant market shares for pumping and compressor systems to the oil and gas industry and is the worldwide market leader for cargo systems to offshore supply vessels. PG delivered approximately 120 ship-sets for marine applications during 2008.

EPCI and start-up of pump packages or bare shaft pumps

PG provides bare shaft pumps or full project execution models (PEM) for pump packages, pump modules, pump solutions and all related equipment (EPCI), including: engineering and detail design; procurement; construction and assembly; installation; commissioning; start-up; and documentation, all according to high international standards.

Personnel with pump system experience

PG employs more than 60 skilled and experienced personnel focusing on the supply, delivery, and service and maintenance of pump systems and solutions for the oil and gas, marine and subsea pumping market.

Project management and engineering personnel

PG employs highly skilled and experienced project managers, project engineers, mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation-engineers, and 3D designers. They all focus on a high level of safety and HMS when designing pump systems and solutions.

Pumps and compressors service, maintenance and spare parts

Our service department consists of skilled engineers with extensive experience of pump implementation, commissioning and start-up throughout the world. Our service engineers possess a multitude of engineering skills and experience enabling them to successfully resolve practical day-to-day challenges.

Pumps and compressors logistics and documentation

PG’s logistics department coordinates all deliveries from our suppliers and sub-supplies to ensure our projects meet target dates and schedules.
Our document control department includes experienced personnel, procedures and knowledge, with qualified engineers to deliver the required documentation to all marine, offshore and Norsok standards.

Certificates and standards

PG holds the following certificates:

  • DNV ISO 9000 certificate
  • Achilles registration, pre-qualification of oil and gas suppliers
  • Sellicha registration, pre-qualification for the energy sector